Offleash 2Michaela Bentley
Offleash Adventures
1621 Langworthy St. North Van, BC
778 689 0074

Business Operating in Lynn Valley since: December 2011

What do customers love about your service?
The most common feedback we get from our clients is how happy and tired their dogs are in the evenings when they get home from work, and who doesn’t love that! Many clients also report a reduction in, and often an elimination all together of,  any destructive behaviors and issues their dog may have had prior to going on hikes with us. These are vigorous outings, where dogs are able to burn off any frustrated energy they may have built up from lack of sufficient exercise and stimulation.

Our customers report finding our service more reliable and professional than other services they may have tried. We always leave a detailed note at the end of each hike letting you know what time we arrived at your home, where we went, any highlights from their adventures, and what time your dog returned home. People love the notes because it gives them the security of knowing how things went, and the exact duration their dogs were out during the day.

I think our clients appreciate the security of knowing that we are licensed professionals with the appropriate first aid training, experience, permits, bonding and insurance. These days you can’t be too careful.

Tell us about your customers!
We have the most loyal and amazing clients! They really care about the happiness, health and safety of their pets and it shows. Clearly they want the best for their pets, which is why they hire us to help out.

How about your other accomplishments?
I hold a certificate in Plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, and am currently starting a vegan lifestyle and nutrition blog to help people transition to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, vegan nutrition and healthy living.

Are you involved in the community?
We work in co-operation with local rescue groups to foster and exercise dogs prior to them finding their forever homes.

What don’t we know about you?
I lived in Los Angeles for eight years, and worked in the concert production industry. I went from wrangling rock stars to dogs. Surprisingly they’re not that different.. 😉

What’s the business taught you?
Interestingly, the dogs themselves have taught me patience and to always remain calm and level-headed in times of stress or crisis. It’s impossible to effectively handle dogs if you are feeling flustered or stressed. They will mirror that energy back to you. I can always tell when there is a stressful event at home by looking at a dog’s behavior. They are similar to children in that way. They will often act out if there are stressful events taking place within the home, like illness, divorce etc.

They really are so similar to us in so many ways which I think is why they make such ideal human companions.

Favourite Quotation:
“Let’s examine the dog mind: Every time you come home he thinks it’s amazing. He can’t believe that you’ve accomplished this again. You walk in the door. The joy of it almost kills him. ‘He’s back again! It’s that guy! It’s that guy!'” ~Jerry Seinfeld