NeighbourhoodLife is a family of franchises that launched in 2011 with the unveiling of LynnValleyLife. The LynnValleyLife community news and information hub soon developed an engaged, supportive fan base, attracting 2,500 Facebook followers and thousands of weekly visitors to the website.

At NeighbourhoodLife, we help local community organizations and merchants promote themselves, and we keep residents abreast of the need-to-know information that’s specific to life in their area. Our Facebook page provides another online gathering spot, where our editor and readers share the news – or laughs! – of the day.

NeighbourhoodLife is ad-free and sustains itself solely through commission revenue earned through the progressive real estate sales and marketing services offered by the realtors who sponsor our community websites.

To learn more about us, or about becoming a NeighbourhoodLife franchisee, please email us or call 778-724-0112