Discover more about Lynn Valley Life as you read about our past clients’ experiences in their own words.

Jim, Kelly and Melanie treat you like family. When looking to sell my fathers residence they embraced us as one of their own. They instinctively took the time to help my father through the process of selling his place with patience, understanding, guidance and just the right measure of humour. They kept us informed of everything every step of the way. We, as a family, strongly recommend them to those looking for a realtor group with a tremendous work ethic, a friendly and confident disposition and that provide excellent service…look no further, these guys deliver. Thank you team, you rock!

– Linda Findlay

“Jim and Kelly provided the finest, most professional service I could have imagined. They were completely attentive to my needs, most helpful and efficient from start to finish. As well, they put me in contact with a very capable resource for repairs and clean-up prior to the sale. And, as this was major a down-sizing situation for me, Jim helped me launch the sale of my furnishings. I was blown away by all the help and how well it all went

Thank You, Jim and Kelly!”

– D. Ellis

“It can be difficult to choose a realtor when selling a home.  In most cases there isn’t much that separates one from another.  The team at Lynn Valley Life, however, clearly stands out from the pack.  We recently sold our house with Jim and Kelly and were very impressed with the job they did.  We received a truly professional service from them.

What is it that sets this team above the crowd?  Three things really stand out:  organization,  specialization, and marketing.

Organization.  Right from the very first day it was apparent that Jim and Kelly viewed the job as a project with a systematic set of steps and a clear goal.  On Day 1 we were presented with a complete project plan itemizing each task according to a two week timeline.  Every step of the way, we knew exactly what was supposed to happen and when. The transparency in the process was a real confidence builder.

Specialization.  The ultra-local approach of Lynn Valley Life is simply brilliant and we really appreciated how plugged into the community Jim and Kelly are with their website and social media presence.  No other realtor stands out in the neighbourhood like Lynn Valley Life, not by a long shot.   And as a bonus, with so much of their business being local, the guys are always nearby when you need them.

Marketing.  This for me is where Jim and Kelly really shine.  One look at the project plan and it is obvious that marketing is high-priority, with the timing of each step planned and scheduled for maximum impact.  Every one of the marketing materials they produced for us was high-quality, thought-through and gorgeous.  And, again, the relationship of the Lynn Valley Life brand with the local community is really something special.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team at Lynn Valley Life to anybody considering selling in the Lynn Valley area. Great job, guys!  Thank you for selling our house!”

– Scott Cameron & Anastasia Sokolova

“From the moment we started working with Jim and Kelly we were impressed. We found it refreshing to work with a realtor who genuinely cared about the home we were purchasing. We were so convinced that we would end up settling for a house we weren’t in love with and Jim and Kelly wouldn’t accept that as an option – they did everything they could to successfully get us the house we could actually see ourselves raising our family in. We will be forever grateful for their dedication, responsiveness, and sincerity – they truly went above and beyond.”

– Lindsay and Tony Leoni

“Buying and selling in the hot Lynn Valley market isn’t as straightforward as it seems.  Jim and Kelly did a great job coaching us so we could put in a clean offer on the house we wanted and then preparing our property for sale.  We were very happy with their professionalism and hard work.”

– Ray M & Maya M

“After trying for almost a year with another realtor, my husband and I signed on with Lynn Valley Life with some pessimistic baggage. Within a couple months they had our place sold for the price we needed.  Obviously it was pretty great to finally get our place sold but it was the way they took care of us that truly sticks out in our minds. They never had a negative thing to say after the many showings yet provided realistic and constructive solutions.  They kept our spirits high and after what we had previously gone through, we truly needed that tender care.

We then found our dream home but kept running into obstacles (heaven forbid something goes smoothly).  They talked us down and picked us up throughout every situation.  We know for a FACT that if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be sitting in our new family home right now.

We are so grateful and appreciative that we chose this team to make our dream a reality.”

– Jen and Jeff Bzowy

“We’d heard great things about these ‘LynnValleyLife guys’, Jim Lanctot and Kelly Gardiner, and wanted to see them in action. We invited them in and were immediately impressed with their knowledge of the neighbourhood and local real estate market. It was an easy decision to entrust this team with the selling of our home. Even before we formally listed our house on MLS, Jim and Kelly tapped their extensive network of contacts and had buyers touring our home. This team’s level of professionalism and attention to detail was quite frankly impressive. The timing of our house hitting the market was impeccable. The recommended asking price was fair yet aggressive. Most realtors simply have a listing sheet –  they pulled in a professional photographer and writer, and produced a full-colour brochure.  It was so good it made me think “Why are we leaving? Look at this house!” Even the curb sign was impressive!  If that wasn’t enough, Jim even grabbed some tools from his house one day and helped me complete a minor repair job to ensure our home was in optimal shape for viewing!  When’s the last time you saw a realtor do that?

So what did this all this effort mean to us? After an evening viewing, Jim came to me with a cautiously confident look in his eye and simply said: “Matt and Fionna, I don’t want to jinx us…but that went well”. The offer came two hours later, the deal consummated an hour after that. The sale was completed so quickly, we actually had to cancel the public open house.

Three days to sell our house for everything we could have hoped for and awesome terms. Simply incredible!”

– Fionna & Matt Finden

“We have been watching the housing market for years and when we were ready to buy we knew Jim and Kelly were the realtors for us. Their knowledge and relationships were valuable to us and enabled us to buy a beautiful home in Lynn Valley. This was our first home purchase so we were a little apprehensive and Jim and Kelly promptly answered questions, provided information and helped us with a very big decision and life milestone. Jim and Kelly facilitated an opportunity that was mutually beneficial for the home seller and us. We strongly recommend them to anyone looking for outstanding realtors!”

– Ben and Trina Sporer

“Jim actually approached us as he had a client who was interested in our property.  By nature the deal was long and somewhat complicated but every time we met with Jim we came away more impressed.  He has an uncanny ability to keep the ball rolling while simultaneously allowing clients the time and space they need.  Jim and Kelly sold our property and worked on our behalf for the purchase of another.  Dealing with both Jim and Kelly was an absolute pleasure and we would use them again and again.  They know the real estate market, but just as significantly they know how to work, communicate and negotiate with people.  These are the guys you want on your team when you are making big real estate decisions.  Couldn’t be happier with their services.”

– Dee and Brad Marchant

“It was a difficult decision for me to make to leaving Village on the Creek, where I had made my home for more than 17 years.  I was very careful in selecting a realtor who I could trust and work with to position my home for sale.  I had done my homework so knew what a reasonable asking price would be, and low and behold if Jim didn’t present me with the same information.  Jim had brought to the initial meeting with me, a market analysis for my consideration.  When I saw that we were on the same page regarding a reasonable price, I was part way there to confirming my realtor.  Jim and Kelly were very accommodating and attentive real estate professionals, so I selected them as my realtors.  It only took two viewings and I could hardly believe it myself!  Within 9 days I had sold my home and the subjects were removed.  On the day I moved out Jim dropped by – he’s very helpful and thinks ahead of what may be required, so you don’t need to worry or be overly concerned when Jim and Kelly are looking out for your interests!”

– Karen Lidster

“Jim and Kelly totally understand that every buyer or seller is working with a different set of circumstances.  In selling our home, they customized their approach to meet our unique needs – and it paid off! Their experience, effective pre-marketing strategies and exposure through LynnValleyLife meant we sold our home quickly in what’s a pretty tough market.  On top of all that, they were both true professionals and lots of fun to work with!”

– Robin & Bob N.



“On deciding to sell our home to relocate to the Sunshine Coast, we were in search of a realtor who would have the unenviable task of filling the shoes of our much-respected, recently-retired previous realtors and who would also understand and be happy to work with our personal needs. On meeting Kelly and Jim, we were immediately impressed by their professionalism, dynamism, rapport-building skills and the extent of their knowledge of the local property market and the Lynn Valley community in general, and we were positive that we were placing ourselves in good hands. From their outstanding marketing strategy, through the time and effort spent on multiple showings that they were always careful to try to schedule around our toddler’s naptime, through their commitment to following-up and providing us with feedback and their on-tap support and strong community connections, the service level they provided was wonderful, leading to a process that has been largely hassle-free and minimally disruptive. Jim’s inventive ideas combined with Kelly’s voice of experience and reason always helped give a bigger-than-average picture on which to base our decisions. They make a great, approachable, and very commited team!”

– Kate, Graham and Tilly M

“Jim & Kelly were great at listening to our timeline, needs and goals to strategize a sale plan together. Kelly Gardiner’s vaste experience and knowledge of the market gave us clarity on when to make a move and how to price.  As an advocate for living in Lynn Valley, Jim Lanctot is super skilled at connecting with people, discussing with prospective buyers and their agents, and educating them on all the advantages of our house and neighbourhood. And together, they executed the plan impeccably.  This dynamic duo were always on top of it, no matter how fast things got moving.  The process was quick, smooth, successful, and far exceeded our expectations.”

– Chloe Labelle & Nico Luce

“With my marketing background I immediately understood the value that Jim brings with his strong knowledge and experience in both online and traditional means of marketing. This paired with the proven real estate expertise and experience of Kelly made me realize I could not go wrong with having them list my property. They presented me with detailed market research & knowledge in order to accurately assess the current market value of my property followed by a concise project plan to present my property attractively and drive awareness to gain maximum exposure for my listing.

Despite the market slowing down and having several other units in our complex priced below us we successfully sold our property within days of the listing date! Thanks Jim & Kelly.”

– Sheldon & Sachiko K.

“We were drawn to Jim and Kelly by their unusual approach to realty and decided that this could be just what we needed to sell our less-than-conventional home.  They offered valuable advice and contractor suggestions as we prepared for our sale, and their clever pre-listing promotion ideas combined with‘s exceptional local reach proved to be just what we needed to find people with an interest in our property.

At every step we have been impressed by the personal touches, thoroughness and their team’s attention to detail – this has been an all-round excellent selling experience.”

– Katie & Chris S.

“After interviewing several realtors, we decided to hire Jim and Kelly because we could immediately see what a great team they make. We appreciated their diverse skills and approaches – Kelly has many years of experience with the North Shore realty market, and Jim is full of great marketing ideas.  We knew we wanted to move to a very specific neighbourhood in Lynn Valley and they helped us find a place that was just right for our family.  Suddenly, the wheels were in motion and with their guidance and hands-on help we quickly put our house up for sale.  Even though it was summertime and the market had slowed down, they were able to help us negotiate a very fair price, and everything went so smoothly we were able to move into our new home just as the school year was starting. We’re delighted to be here in Lynn Valley!”

– Doug, Michelle, R.

“Jim Lanctot & Kelly Gardiner went above and beyond for me many times while I was selling my townhouse. They never seemed too busy to answer my seemingly endless array of questions.  Their professionalism, politeness and willingness – along with great personality and sense of humour – helped me through the difficult and sometimes frustrating process of selling my home.  Thanks to their experience and expertise, my townhome sold quickly and for a good price. I couldn’t have done it without their help and support.  I’ll certainly list with them again if the need arises.  Thank you, Kelly & Jim!”

– Mona Gillespie

“Kelly and Jim through Lynn Valley Life listed our condo at Branches (1111 E. 27th Street).  Their market knowledge is both detailed and up to date while their commitment to client service was evident as they took every opportunity to go above and beyond.  Any questions we had about the process of selling our home were answered promptly with concise and thoughtful responses; showings and opens occurred often, on time and with minimal disruption; and, most importantly, both Jim and Kelly were an absolute pleasure to deal with right through to closing.  Thank you, Kelly and Jim!”

– Joelle D. Wendt, CFA

“If you’re looking for a dynamic realtor that will work hard to earn the high commissions we all think realtors get, you have got to meet Jim Lanctot.  During our sales process Jim not only did the usual realtor duties that you’d expect, he actually rolled up his sleeves and pitched in to get the house ready. Jim even had his own rolodex of help on call with short notice for some of the bigger projects we couldn’t do ourselves. We interviewed several realtors and felt like Jims energy was not going to fizzle out after the contract was signed. Our gut feelings paid off with well thought out action plans, follow through, advice and most importantly a sold sign on the front lawn 13 days later!”

– Lorne & Celeste MacInnes

“Within days of talking to Jim about what we had been searching for in a house, he had us a home!  We had left Lynn Valley in July and even though we were only ten minutes away from the community we had lived in for the past 8 years, we felt a world away.  Jim was determined that he could find us the home we could raise our family in, and set to work, committed to finding us somewhere we loved. Jim is dedicated to the families he works with and has a passion I have never seen in any realtor I have met before.  His professionalism is top notch!! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jim to any one looking for a hard working, dedicated and professional realtor. Even though our deal is sealed and we are not in as much contact with Jim, my four year old still asks when he will see him next! For me that is priceless!  Thanks for everything Jim!!!

– Lucy, Chris, Cayden and Charlotte A.

“Jim & Kelly at Lynn Valley Life made the entire process of buying our new home and selling ours feel seamless. From our beginning conversations, they listened to our needs and worked efficiently and professionally throughout the process to find us exactly what we were looking for. 

Highly knowledgeable about Lynn Valley’s current real estate market, we would definitely recommend Jim and Kelly for anyone looking to buy or sell their home.”

– Shawna Nixon & Nick Woods