John Durrant
Backlot Media 

John  is the owner of Backlot Media, a company that creates video segments for advertising, online and social media campaigns. John’s worked out of his home in Lynn Valley since 2005, and also has an office downtown on Richards.

What do customers say about your video business?
The best feedback we get is that customers feel we have really listened to them, we have put their needs first, and we have delivered well beyond their expectations.

Tell us what you like about your clients.
We love to meet people who are passionate about their businesses, and most small business owners are! And we like how so many business owners inject so much of their own personal creativity into making their business stand out.

Can you give us a tip from the video biz?
On the advertising side, I would say that you MUST really pay attention to the Internet now. There are many ways to gain free or inexpensive exposure on the web, and you should use them. Your web presence is very important.  Start by signing up for your free Google Places page, and get on Yelp!

What are some of your other accomplishments?
I created early environmental programming for the Knowledge Network, and continue to make environmental issues an important priority.

Tell us about your hobbies.
Photography with our kids, boating, skiing, writing, and, of course, home improvement…

Any community involvement?
Canadian Diabetes Association, The Union Gospel Mission and we like to give to local fundraisers, particularly education-based events.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!
I worked my way through university slope-grooming every night on Grouse Mountain for several years. A great student job!

What’s this business taught you?
Businesses are people, and their stories are the fabric of our community.

What does your future hold?
Continuing to grow our business, and working until I am too old to hold a camera.

Do you have a favourite quotation for us?
“Plan your work, and then work your plan.”- Mao

Email: [email protected]