Mark Mentiply

Go West Metal Art
1266 Argyle Rd.

Sculptor Mark Mentiply of Go West Metal Art welcomes visitors to his shop, where he has created distinctive artworks since 1999. His shimmering salmon sculptures are on view at local venues such as the End of the Line General Store.

Where does your work end up?
I like that my customers are mostly local, and the style of my art complements our natural surroundings here in Lynn Valley.

Tell us about your community involvement.
I’m involved with the Seymour Salmon ID Society, which benefits from a portion of my art sales, and I donate sculptures for fundraisers to support the SPCA, Children’s Burn Unit, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Children in Burma, Whistler Animal Shelter and other such foundations.

What has this business taught you?
“This business has taught me that when you pay it forward, it helps perpetuate more business”

Future Plans:
Spending more time creating larger, more iconic, sculptures.

Favourite quotation:
“A picture in the mind, backed by faith, will come to pass.”

 To visit Mark in his shop, please contact him to make an appointment.

Email: [email protected]