Heike Bogner                                                                                                                                       
Heike’s Hairlequin Hair Studio Ltd.
3016 Mountain Hwy

From the very start, Heike envisioned a salon that consistently offered refinement, supported the individual expression of natural beauty, and delivered the highest professional care possible in a relaxed, friendly and courteous atmosphere.


What do your customers say about you?
Customers are always complimenting us on how incredibly home-y our salon feels to them. They love the friendliness and how the work environment is so welcoming and full of good spirit.

Do you have a tip for us?
Don’t blow dry your hair every single day – this causes it to become brittle and dry. Avoid over flat-ironing your hair as well; this will cause the ends of the hair to become dry and brittle and in time will cause breakage.  Always make sure to use the right product for blow drying and flat-ironing your hair, such as styling products that protect the hair from overheating, like Brocato Cloud 9 Blowout Blow Dry Serum and Brocato Cloud 9 Hotshapes Spray.

What are your favourite hobbies?
My hobbies are baking and cooking (mostly baking!), knitting, hiking, and mountain biking, swimming, and meeting up with friends for coffee.

How are you involved with our community?
We are regularly involved with silent auctions at the Lynn Valley United Church, schools, the North Shore Women’s Shelter, and cancer functions.                    

What have you learned from being a salon owner?
This business has taught me to become more outgoing and self-confident, and to become a better manager and owner.

What does your future hold?
I plan to continue to be a part of Lynn Valley and the community, and to improve and upgrade the salon.

Favourite Quotation?
Whatever doesn’t break you will make you stronger!

Email: heike@hairlequin.ca