Nicolas Golinsky  NV logo white
NV Electrical Inc.
1047 Hendecourt Rd., North Vancouver  BC
[email protected]

What do your customers like about your business?
Our clients like that we are hardworking, fair, reliable & knowledgeable.

What do you like about your clients?
I like how every client has a story and I like helping them achieve their goals and fix their problems.

Can you give us a handy tip?
To save energy, convert all halogen or incandescent lighting to LED’s.

Tell us about your hobbies?
I love motorcycles, travel, excercise and speding time with my family.

Tell us something I bet we don’t know about you!
I have lived in Lynn Valley for my entire life and am now raising my own family in Lynn Valley. I have four sisters, one brother and a wife and son.

What are your future plans?
As my family grows I look forward to being more involved in my neighbourhood and community.

What has the business taught you?
If you’re willing to work hard and treat people fairly, the sky is the limit.

Tell us your favourite quotation.
“Always give 110%”