Dr. Sacha Elliott, ND
@ Canopy Integrated Health                                                         
149-1233 Lynn Valley Road

I believe we should experience life to the fullest, never letting fear hold us back. There is a lot of confidence and self-esteem to be gained by looking back at a challenge and saying to yourself: “Wow! I accomplished THAT!”

First of all, a thanks from us at LynnValleyLife for providing us with some interesting info we know our health and fitness-conscious readers will appreciate. Here’s the selection of topics you’ve written on this far:

Now, tell us what your customers say about you.  

That I am friendly, warm and very approachable. I like to do my homework – my treatment plans are well-researched and detail-oriented as I take pride in providing the best possible care I can for my patients.

And what do you notice about your customers?   
I like that my patients are willing to take charge of their health. They have a tendency to be proactive in altering the course of their disease or ensuring it never develops in the first place.

Can you give us a good health tip?
If you have a sluggish digestive system (most of us do!) google “Food Combining” and consider trying this for a week or two. As digestion is the key to vibrant health, I focus a lot on correcting digestive disorders. When we can break down, assimilate and absorb nutrients well, we’re one step closer to providing the nourishment our organ systems need (brain, hormones, thyroid, immune system, etc.) to work effectively together.

What are some of your other accomplishments?
I have an undergraduate degree in psychology from UBC. I’ve traveled to various parts of the world and have taken home many memories and have left pieces of my heart. I lived and worked in Korea for a year, but have learned more Thai than Korean, and am currently studying Spanish in my spare time (which is little!)

Any hobbies?
I believe in what I preach – I hit the gym regularly and enjoy flying down the mountain slopes on my skis. I’m a huge dog lover and have fostered dogs in the past for a rescue organization. I swim, read, and enjoy the company of those I love.

What about community involvement?
I recently joined the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce to meet other young entrepreneurs like myself, and have done various volunteer activities in the past.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I’m a work-o-holic with no plans to change! I love the work I do and feel blessed to have landed in the center of what I consider the best job on earth – educating, motivating and empowering individuals to better their health, and, as a positive side effect, to spread the joy they experience to make this world a better place to live.

What’s this business taught you?
That there are no limits except those which we create in our head.

What are your future goals?
Not to turn this into a personal ad, but one day I hope to meet that special someone and eventually enjoy motherhood myself. I also have a bizarre love of school and may possibly go back to complete a masters degree in the future.

Do you have a favourite quotation for us?    
“It is better to regret something you did than to regret something you didn’t do.”

Dr. Elliott has  been part of Canopy Health in Lynn Valley since January 2011.