Scott Harrison & Veronika Tyrkin 
The Design Den Homes Inc. 
3672 Campbell Ave,
604-971-0163  facebook: thedesignden

Business Operating in Lynn Valley since:  2011

What brings customers your way?
Our clients appreciate our accessibility, affordability, and approachability when it comes to improving spaces around their home. ‘Interior design’ can be perceived as expensive and intimidating, and that is not what we set out to be.

We offer many different design services. We enjoy working with our client’s current possessions and tight budgets just as much as larger budget projects. Our customers really enjoy the range of services that we provide. ‘Design. Renovate. Paint’ gives the customer the opportunity to access and use our knowledge and experience in many different applications.

What do you like about your work?
Every project is different and each customer has their own needs, style, and flair. This makes our job interesting. We love being given the opportunity and trust of our clients to deliver a rewarding experience that they will talk about with their friends and neighbours.

Can you give us a tip from the biz?
When renovating, keep your finishes in line with the rest of the home and the neighbourhood you live in. Most of us renovate room by room as we can afford it. If you are beginning renovations on your house, ask yourself what is the vision for the rest of the house? Does your budget/design and vision line up with how you will carry out the rest of the projects? Do the finishes line up with the neighbourhood you live in? We often find clients can either overdo a reno, where they won’t recoup their costs in added value to the home, or the opposite – being too budget-focussed where it doesn’t make sense as an investment.

Hobbies, you two?
Scott: Working on my yard and house. Learning the guitar and being active. Hockey, golf, skiing, skimboarding, hiking, and yoga. I also love to travel.

Veronika: DIY projects around the home. I enjoy creating and admiring art, painting, gardening, cooking with a glass of red in hand, and practicing yoga. I love to explore the local trails and great hikes at our doorstep here in Lynn Valley.

Do you have any community involvement?
Since we have just relocated to Lynn Valley in the later part of 2011, we are looking forward to getting involved with our community. Such interests include joining the Chamber of Commerce, being an active supporter of LynnValleyLife, and fundraising for local charities in conjunction with our business efforts.

Tell us something we don’t know about you!
We have a huge passion for travel and exploring different countries and cultures around the world. We hold ourselves accountable to a minimum one trip per year, which we have been able to do for the past 10.

What’s the business taught you? 
It is easy to sell a product or service by overpromising to a client. Establishing realistic expectations allows us to consistently over-deliver, allowing for a pleased client and driving a strong referral/word-of-mouth business. A happy client will maybe tell one person. An unhappy client will tell 10. We live in Lynn Valley and plan to build our business here for the long haul.

What are your future plans?
We aim for The Design Den Homes Inc. to not only be a top design and renovations firm on the North Shore, but a developer of fantastic real estate.

Favourite Quotation?
“Begin with the end in mind.” – Stephen Covey

Email:  [email protected]