Stuart Walker
Stuart’s Home Services
3548 Frederick Road


Business Operating in Lynn Valley since:  2000

What draws your customers to your business?
It allows them time to do the things they are best at.

What can you tell us about your customers?
I like the passion and vision my customers have.

Do you have a tip for us?
If you have a old bolt to remove, heat it up, lubricate, then tighten a wee bit, then loosen.

Tell us about your other accomplishments.
I’m a Certified Energy Adviser through Natural Resources Canada, and a Certified Home Inspector.

Drumming, mountain biking, fresh water fishing, and inventing.

How about community involvement?
I donate my handyman services for Pandora’s Vox Vocal Ensemble Society.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I am the author of “Mousie Mouse’s New House”.

What’s the business taught you?

Future plans?
More house inspections.

Favourite quotation:
“Walk with fear and fear will follow you” – Stuart Walker

Email:  [email protected]