lton McCarthy

Body by D’Alt
1336 East 17th St.

“The quality of exercise out weighs the quantity of exercise.You are better off doing less reps/weight with better technique than doing more without proper form. That way you lower the chance of getting injured. Never substitute a correct warm up and focused cool down for more exercise in your training session as well. Progression with patience and a commitment to consistency are the key.”


Business Operating in Lynn Valley since: 2004

What do clients like about you?
That individual goals are met and exceeded. Fitness with fun!

And what do you like about your clients?
Everything! I consider myself very fortunate with the clientele I work with.

Have a good tip for us?
Every day is a good day….just some are better than others.

Tell us about some of your other ventures.
Working with pre and post operative people.  Helping elder adults to enjoy a more active lifestyle and working with special needs groups.

My family!!! Mountain biking, trail running, camping, my lovely pup Cioccolato, and a good book…when there’s time.

How about community involvement?
Not as much as I would like.  Working from home every day of the week and having a young family means I do not have an abundance of time on my hands.  With time, I am sure it will change.  I would like to give back some of the awesome things I have experienced from Lynn Valley .

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I don’t really talk that much…seriously.

What’s the business taught you?
Stay a step ahead; Plan and be ready for situations not expected; Be gracious and humble; Modify and adapt…with a smile.  🙂

Future plans?
Keep on trucking.  I want to affect as many people as I can to help them enjoy an active lifestyle.  I would like to give more .
Constant, never ending improvement.

Email: [email protected]