Justine Simmons

The Fitness Well
1325 East Keith Road North Vancouver BC V7J 1J3


Business Operating in Lynn Valley since: 2014

What do clients like most about the studio?        
That it’s a modern, clean, brand-new public studio fitness centre within a private sports club. Class sizes are small and instructors get to know their participants well. A variety of classes include yoga, pilates, dance and kids.

And what do you like about your clients?    
Participants fill our classes with energy, enthusiasm and friendship. We strive to listen, and we love to hear what participants have to say so that we can keep improving our service.

Have a tip for us?             
Build time for health and wellness into your schedule. Treat fitness as a priority and look after yourself. You and yours will all be happier because of it.

How are you involved in the community?          
We support individuals in their fitness endeavors and also sports teams striving to create a balance with performance and health/performance and non- injury.

What’s the business taught you?            
If you build it- they won’t necessarily come. We have to stay on our toes listening to customers, improving our offering and keeping up with the competition. We have to earn the attention of our customers.

Favourite Quotation:
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

Email:    [email protected]

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