Wendy FitzGerald

Registered Professional Clinical Counsellor – RPC-C
Certified Health and Life Coach
Striving Styles Coach and Practitioner


What do your customers like about your business?
They say I immediately make them feel comfortable, and help them open up easily to share what they’re struggling with. I care about each and every one of my clients, and treat them with empathy and respect.  My “super power” is building a solid collaborative relationship with everyone who steps into my office.

What do you like about your clients?
I love watching my clients change and grow into more of who they’re meant to be. I’m honoured to be a part of their journey into self-awareness, and love seeing them gain the skills that move them forward in their lives.

Can you give us a handy tip?
Hmmm, I guess I would say that struggling with one’s mental health and wellness is nothing to be ashamed of, so never hesitate to reach out for support. It’s more common to need help from time to time than most people like to admit, so don’t let fear or embarrassment get in the way of your happiness and goals.

Tell us about your hobbies?
I love walking our beautiful North Shore trails, gardening, reading, and sharing delicious meals with friends and family.  I’m also a personal development junkie, so actually love  learning more about what makes people tick!

Tell us something I bet we don’t know about you!
I was a hairdresser many moons ago!

Tell us about your community involvement?
Getting my business off the ground over the past few years, as well as raising two daughters has unfortunately got in the way of being very involved in the community, but I intend to get more involved over the coming years. I’m also onboard to help out at the North Shore Women’s Centre counselling women there. I’m passionate about helping women become more empowered and independent.

What has the business taught you?
Patience!! I tend to like to achieve goals faster than they’re meant to happen, so it’s taught me to take one day at a time and appreciate the journey more than the destination.