Family fun at the local fair

Lynn Valley Days is back with new energy and a return to a classic fair experience. The biggest community event of the year returns June 22 with a few changes and a delicious new addition.

Fair favourites

2024 marks a new phase for Lynn Valley Days. It will be a return to a community fair of years gone by with more entertainment, longer hours and new sweet treats. For Eric Miura, president of the Lynn Valley Lions, it is a way to make the annual event more accessible to the community and more successful for the volunteers who put it together. 

Eric Miura

“We are returning to tradition,” said Miura. “We are extending the parade and we are working the stage with entertainment into the evening – depending on the weather.  We know the concession is so popular and the lines can be long so we want to offer more so we are bringing in mini donuts. We aren’t doing the gala.”

The focus on neighbourhood connections is drawing in more small businesses and community groups with a goal to see 50-60 booths filling Lynn Valley Park, said Miura. The stage area will have both a family zone and a beer garden. 

“We are also going to slow down the parade,” he said. “The municipality has acknowledged it takes so much work to do it properly and in the past, we have had a very tight timeline due to infrastructure projects and a need to reduce traffic impacts. There are so few parades these days, so we want to enhance the experience – slow it down so everyone can enjoy it.”

Giving back

An event like Lynn Valley Day is a classic non-profit scenario: a few hands doing a lot of work. This led to some reflection and the decision to move away from the gala. Volunteers were typically up until one or two in the morning and back preparing the cookshack at 6:30 am, said Miura.  

“We had volunteers working through the night and it was very taxing,” he said. “We have 40 members, and with multiple shifts of volunteers, it’s over 100 volunteers and if you add in the high school program it’s closer to 200 volunteers. We don’t want to burn anyone out.”

The Lion Valley Lions have a long-standing relationship with Sutherland and Argyle Secondary Schools. They partner with athletic teams who volunteer their time throughout the year with the Lions, and in exchange, the Lions direct some donations to the schools. It’s a relationship that is leading to growth within the Lions.

“We are seeing younger members give the Lions some new vim and vigour which is having a huge impact on our older members,” said Miura. 

There has been a trend of young people who volunteered as part of the high school program returning after post-secondary education to become full members of the Lions, he said.

“Lynn Valley has a huge spirit of volunteering. We have members from eight years old to 80 plus, which we are very proud of. It takes a lot to make it happen. We have members of the community who show up every year, they know their job and get it done. It’s how they celebrate their community – helping with traffic or in the cook department. It’s great to see that tradition continue.”


8:00 am – Pancake Breakfast

9:00 am – Road closures begin (Institute Road closed all day)

9:14 am – Parade begins

10: 00 am – Fair opens

The latest details and updates can be found at the Lynn Valley Days web page. Volunteers are always welcome and can connect via the same website.

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Pancakes, performances and a parade

The grand tent will be coming back to Lynn Valley Park and the parade will hit the streets as Lynn Valley Days return June 23 & 24. With the community stage booked to capacity and volunteers stepping up, the Lynn Valley Lions are excited to be drawing the community together. 

Community tradition

The Lynn Valley Lions have been the stewards of Lynn Valley Days for 53 years, said Tania Newman. That is almost half of its 111 years.

“This year is feeling a bit like a breather,” said Newman. “We missed some years for covid and that affected our momentum, and last year we were concerned if we weren’t careful it could turn into a super spreader event. This year we can feel the difference – we are so excited to bring back the traditions like we have in the past.”

The key to the success of Lynn Valley Days is simple, said Newman: Just come. 

“We feel the energy around – we think people are excited. We just need the community to attend. We could use more volunteers, we could use more sponsors but really, we just want the community to come, support Lynn Valley, support the Lions and celebrate our community.”

The two days of events kick off Friday evening, June 23, with the annual 19+ gala under the tent at Lynn Valley Park and continues bright and early Saturday with the pancake breakfast and parade on June 24 followed immediately by the community festival.

Pillars of support

The annual Lynn Valley Days events have been supported for years by a partnership with volunteers from Argyle Secondary. 

“They are invaluable,” said Newman. “We had such a long [covid] break we lost some of the connection with families that came year after year but we are re-engaging. We have parents and students working the cook shack and you would see the same parents behind the grill. It’s a partnership that is invaluable – we need their help and we make a donation [to Argyle Athletics] that they can decide how to best use.”

That most support has typically come from the girls’ soccer and the boys’ football teams. This year the Lions are also reconnecting with Sutherland Secondary athletics, said Newman. 

“If there are any profits from Lynn Valley Days – its goal is not to be a significant fundraiser but rather a community engagement event – but if there are profits we direct that back to our school programs.”

The Lions take the helm on helping schools fundraise by supporting parent advisory council BBQs and pancake breakfasts. With the Lions taking care of equipment and cooking as well as leveraging their buying connection with Save-On-Foods it allows the PACS to maximise fundraising profits for essentials.  

“Just in May and June, we helped out six schools,” said Newman. “It’s a challenge. We get interest from all over the North Shore. We’ve had to turn down schools because we can only do so many.”

An ask

The Lions are pleased the parade remains on its traditional route but also recognize this is an inconvenience for some members of the community. 

“This year we would like to see a bit more caution and patience along the parade route,” said Newman. “The RCMP can only be at so many places, district staff can only be in so many places, we can only be in so many places, so we rely on members of the community to be respectful of safety.

“The parade route is where we have to stretch our volunteer capacity. Look out for your neighbours and people trying to cross the road. Being community friendly but also saying ‘Hey it’s not a safe time to cross the road’ or sharing an alternate route if someone is trying to access a road. The more eyes we have to help with safety the better it is for everyone.” 

Volunteering for the parade typically wraps up around 11-11:30 am and leaves people free to enjoy the fair portion of Lynn Valley Days, said Newman. Those interested in volunteering for the parade or any other part of LV Days can email [email protected].

Like many organizations, the Lions are seeing a reduced number of sponsors and would welcome more support. 

“We are looking for sponsors – across-the-board sponsorship is down. That’s not just with us, it’s the same with most organizations and the economic climate.”

The plan

The gala will kick off Lynn Valley Days on Friday evening with the band Side One.

“We had rave reviews about them last year,” said Newman. “There was no question they would be back, they brought the tent down. We are looking at being more strategic this year. We have changed a couple of things with the gala to make it more intimate but it will be a fabulous evening.”

The pancake breakfast will begin at 8:15 am followed by the parade scheduled for 9:15 am (road closures beginning at 9 am) and wrapping up late morning giving way to the fair and festival at Lynn Valley Park. 

“We are so excited about the community stage this year – it is growing with acts, entertainers and groups,” said Newman. “We will have Jordan Back – he is so talented. We plan to get the schedule up on the [Lynn Valley Centre] video boards so people will know when to come for their favourites.”   

For all the latest info and updates on Lynn Valley Days visit its webpage.  

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

Party on: Lynn Valley Days

One of Lynn Valley’s most missed traditions is returning for the first time since 2019: Lynn Valley Days. Block off your calendar for July 15 & 16 for the gala, parade and festival.

108 years old

It has been a quiet couple of years. As the world slowly opens again the Lynn Valley Lions are ready to bring the beloved Lynn Valley Days community festival back. 

“We are excited,” said Tania Newman, LV Lions secretary and co-producer of Lynn Valley Days. “We are seeing a lot of interest in the parade and exhibitors – it seems like people are keen to come back.”

Throughout its more than century of history, LV Days has taken place in just about every month from May to September, and this year the club has moved the event to July. 

“This is 100 percent a weather decision,” said Newman. “July might present some challenges with people on summer vacation but the weather hasn’t been the best in May or June. I can remember my first year – it was miserable, torrential rain.”

Community comfort

With the planning process given the green light, LV Days will be much the same as previous years with special care given to covid-safety. 

“We are an open-air event, and we hope people take as much space as they need to enjoy the event. We have changed the layout a bit and are thinking about how to best manage lines,” she said. “Our discussions with the District of North Vancouver have us asking that parade participants don’t hand anything out.”

Besides the goal of limiting contacts, the move is also to reduce the environmental footprint of the event. 

The event of the season

The classic festival that residents have come to love with rides and attractions, fair food, the community stage and exhibitors is ready to hit the field again. 

“We have some new ideas for food service,” said Newman. “And for the first time, we will have Lynn Valley wood carver [Ben Hemara] creating a piece on site.”

Also returning is the Friday night Gala. 

“We have a great party band – Side One – that will get the tent jumping. We are bringing in some of the carnival fun that is part of the main festival. Never before have we had the candy floss at the gala and this year we will have an adult snow cone.”

The night will focus on friends, food and fun with so many people ready to enjoy Lynn Valley. 

“People are looking to celebrate.”

50 years of Lynn Valley community work

The Lions are also using Lynn Valley Days to celebrate their more than 50 years of community work. 

“What I am most proud of is the Lions’ ability to react,” said Newman. “Just days before 2018 Lynn Valley Days we had the tragic Mountain Village Garden Apartment fire where two people died. We saw the community come together and we were able to act as a collection place for donations. Ever since then, the [Lynn Valley] Lions have had a community emergency fund and the Lynn Valley community donates throughout the year.

“We are able to get people what they need. We are independent and mobilize quickly. We don’t have to deal with the red tape of the government or some related organizations. We have grass-root connections and we are transparent.”

Most recently they lept into action partnering with Fraser Valley charities to support flood victims and dedicating a portion of the Christmas tree funds to directly benefit more than 16 families who were flooded out of their homes.

Unlike many volunteer organizations that collapsed during the pandemic, the LV Lions grew. And unlike many other chapters, many of the new members are young – diversifying the skills of the group, said Newman. 

“We do have a lot of fun but we are a humanitarian organization,” said Newman. “The international Lions’ slogan fits: ‘Where there is a need, there is a lion.’”

While the group grows, with such a long pause on Lynn Valley Days, it will be many members’ first time participating on the organizing side. 

“The people here are amazing, this is going to be a good festival – it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

To register as an exhibitor or parade participant or to purchase gala tickets visit Get ready to enjoy Lynn Valley Days on July 15 and 16th, 2022. 

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Lynn Valley Days 2019

Lynn Valley Days is just a couple of weeks away! If you haven’t jotted it down already, it’s a touch later than it has been in the past. The Gala dances the night away on the summer solstice June 21. While the parade and festival take over Lynn Valley June 22.

Some changes

lynn Valley day family fun zone

It will be a bit of a different year for LynnValleyLife at the Fair. With Lynn Valley Days is growing, the organizers can ask for more but unfortunately it means the financial ask for our usual Free Family Fun Zone was much bigger than in the past or was expected. As a small business it was too big a stretch.   Instead we will be making our usual cash donation directly to a community charity. As for Lynn Valley Day, you will be able to find us at our office 3171 Mountain Hwy on the parade route Saturday morning. Stop by for a coffee, or grab a freezie. We will have a balloon twister and a chance to come and say Hi! This is a great chance to see where we spend our days, connect and share what you love about Lynn Valley!

Lynn Valley Day

lynn valley day parade

Get out early and join the pancake breakfast from 8:15 to 9:15 a.m. Snag your favourite piece of sidewalk and get ready for the parade which kicks off from the Mollie Nye Way at 9:30 a.m. There are a lot of things to do and see at the fair. Back are games, inflatables, the Lions Cook Shack, the community group and business showcase. There are big plans for more local performances on the Neptune Terminals Entertainment Stage. For the adults there is a beer garden from noon-7 p.m.

There are a still a few opportunities to volunteer. Check out the Lynn Valley Lions’ website for details.  

Be patient and aware of road closures June 22.

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

Lend a hand at Lynn Valley Days

Lynn Valley Days is back on a new weekend to kick off the summer with the favourite festival of the year.

June 21 & 22

“The event wouldn’t run without volunteers,” said Jeanette Duey, director of communications for the Lynn Valley Lions. “The Lions, like everyone else, are all volunteers who get nothing out of it but helping Lynn Valley. It’s literally a community event, run by community.”

The annual event has moved back a weekend to June 21 and 22 for 2019.

“It’s no longer on Father’s Day weekend,” said Duey. “It’s a community event and we listened to the community and volunteers who want to spend time with their families during Father’s Day weekend. It’s a big commitment for the Lions and everyone who helps out.”

Volunteer success

Lynn Valley Days has some consistent partners who show up year after year.

“Argyle Secondary’s soccer clubs and the Pipers are always there helping with rides and in the cook shack,” said Duey. “It’s not just the kids, it’s the parents and teachers too. They show leadership in being involved in the community. It’s encouraging to see the difference between a Grade 8 and a Grade 12. The older players mentor the younger one. We see the same kids the next year and we see their growth.”

This year the Lions are asking for early volunteer commitments from 30-40 people to help with the parade and traffic.

“We are working with the District [of North Vancouver] to make everything safe and keep traffic moving throughout the day – not just at the parade,” said Duey. “We need people to cover two to three hour shifts from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.”

Traffic volunteers will have a training session to ensure their safety and to establish event procedures. The Lions are looking for people 15 years and up for this role, but can also partner younger volunteers with older to fill positions. Like all volunteers they are offered free food and drink at the event.

“It’s a great chance to get some service or volunteer hours,” said Duey.

There are also opportunities for volunteers 19+ to help out at the gala.

“It’s a great way to be a part of the bigger event without having to buy a ticket,” said Duey. The gala needs volunteers on Friday, June 21 from 5-7 p.m. to act as greeters checking people in and throughout the night selling drink tickets.

“We want a day to celebrate community,” said Duey. “That’s why we aim for interactive booths – not a marketplace selling. We have rides for the kids and we are having a bigger and better community stage this year.”

To learn more about Lynn Valley Days visit the Lion’s webpage and to volunteer email lynnvalleydays(at)

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

Packed day of family fun at Lynn Valley Day 2018

There is plenty of action instore for this Lynn Valley Day. It starts bright and early and we have all the details on the parade, detours, food – beer garden!! – and the fun!

Lynn Valley Day Schedule*

8:15-9:45 a.m. Pancake breakfast at Lions’ Cook Shack at Lynn Valley Park

9:15 a.m. Traffic detours begin for the parade.

9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Games and large inflatable bouncy toys for the kids kick off at Lynn Valley Field.

Visit the face painters, watch the entertainment and grab fair treats.

9:30 a.m. The parade will make its way east on Lynn Valley Road from Mollie Nye Way towards Mountain Hwy, where it turns north towards Frederick.

10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Local community groups and businesses showcase their work in booths around the field. There are lots of games to be played and prizes to be won!

10:30 a.m. – Head over the LynnValleyLife’s Family Olympics and Obstacle course for your chance at prizes!

12 – 6 p.m. Beer Garden for those 19+ ($5 entrance fee)

*subject to change

Some photos courtesy of Lynn Valley Lions

More than 100 years of Lynn Valley Days

Lynn Valley is a neighbourhood rich with history; the tales of our long-age neighbours are interwoven through our very forests, steams and streets. For a primer on our past, visit the LynnValleyLife History page … or, even better, pop into the Community History Centre, located in the former Lynn Valley elementary school heritage building at 3203 Institute Rd. 

This is a great post from our archives by Bob Rasmus.

Lynn Valley Days gone by

In 1912 the residents of Lynn Valley worked hard. There were trees to fall, buck up and transport to the mills. And once they reached the mills, there was still a lot of hard work remaining in order to turn the raw logs into lumber for transport to market or to build local houses.

By today’s standards, every task that was carried out was accomplished through hard physical labour. It only made sense that a few community-minded individuals took it upon themselves to create an event that gave the local residents an opportunity to play.

The first Lynn Valley Day was held 100 years ago, in September 1912. Featured events include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, a Tug-of-War, a ‘Fat Men’s’ race and a Men’s Handicap Competition for Merchants Trust and Trading Co. Cup. For a look at the actual 1912 program of events, click here!

Lynn Valley Day 1915

Lynn Valley Day 1915

Also included in the day’s activities was the official opening of Lynn Canyon Park by Reeve William May, with assistance from the Mayor and Council. (For a story about the park’s early history, click here.) Following the opening of the park was the inaugural opening of the Suspension Bridge. Later in the evening, there was a dance that was led off by the Reeve and distinguished guests. The president of the organizing committee was John M. Duval, and the Vice-President was J.M. Fromme.

Lynn Valley Day continued to be celebrated over the following decades. (For a newspaper account of the 1946 community fair, click here.) By 1949 the event had moved to June 25th and had grown in importance with the advent of hundreds of new residents. From 9 a.m. until midnight there were activities for young and old alike.

Track and Field events for all ages got underway at 9 a.m. with one of the features being a community tug-of-war, in which winners were awarded with a special trophy. The afternoon featured the crowning of May Queen Norma Damgaard, in addition to folk dancing, Maypole dancing, a children’s fancy dress parade, a band concert by the North Vancouver School’s Band, boxing matches and whist drives and concert.

These were all topped off with the annual Lynn Valley Day Dance. Officials in 1949 included M.E. Sowden, James Sinclair, Johnny Cates and MLA W.M. Draycott – the latter, of course, still well-known to us as the community builder who is commemorated with a bronze statue sitting on a bench in Pioneer Park.

In 1962, the 50th Anniversary was a special event held on Saturday, June 2. The day began with field sports, including races, jumping competitions for children of all ages, some pole vaulting and some discus throwing for older children.

The afternoon was reserved for adult races which culminated in a “married couple’s pie-eating contest” with a $2.00 prize. While the afternoon races were going on, there was also a full slate of concessions to take part in and a parade to watch, as well as the coronation ceremonies for the Lynn Valley Day Queen of the year.

The evening began with a ladies softball game at 6 p.m., followed by a square dance at 7:30 and a dance at the community hall at 9:00. It was a full day of activities – just check out this schedule of events!

Historical photographs

Lynn Valley Day historical images courtesy of North Vancouver Museum and Archives.

Lynn Valley Day 2018

More than 100 years later, this annual community event is still very much alive and entertains up to 10,000 people. In latter years, it has grew to the point that now both the Lynn Valley Lions Club and the Lynn Valley Community Association were required to manage it.

This year’s event kicks off with a gala dinner and dance under a huge tent on Friday night. Saturday morning begins the community parade.  There will be the fantastic Lions’ Cook Shack, balloon artists, face painters, music, along with rides, public displays and a collector car show, will be entertaining crowds all day long.

The residents of Lynn Valley still work hard, and deserve a chance to relax and enjoy time with their family and friends. Lynn Valley Days still provides that opportunity.

New Lynn Valley Days events offered this year!

Lynn Valley Days are fast approaching, and fingers are crossed for a warm, sunny weekend. Even if it’s drizzly, however, the famous Big Tent will keep revellers dry and spirits high! We are as pleased as punch to be a main sponsor again this year, and we thank all the other citizens, businesses and organizations who have banded together to pull off this major event.

Friday frolics

On Friday, June 16 the Gala Dinner is back for the seventh year running (or is that dancing?) There’s a new twist this year, though – if you’re more of a dancing fiend than a dinner hound, there are late-entry tickets available that will have you grooving under the Big Top from 9 p.m. to midnight. For more details about the cocktails, dinner, Bosa lounge, silent auction, live band and limo service, click here. And get your tickets soon, they’ve been selling well!


Tree-savers sought for Saturday!

It’s weed pull time again! Celebrate the first week of spring by getting your hands dirty with North Shore Streamkeepers.

IMG_0807The group is looking for volunteers to help remove invasive plant species and replant native species in Lynn Canyon Park on Saturday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Some trees in the area are being “girdled” by ivy vines that will ultimately choke off the vessels that supply oxygen throughout the tree, so cutting off those vines is just one of the priorities on the list.

All ages are welcome, and attendees are invited to meet at the bottom of the hill from the trailhead of the Baden Powell, across from End of the Line (4193 Lynn Valley Rd). Bring along your garden gloves, drinking water, a reusable mug and weather-appropriate clothing; snacks, tools and good company are provided!

North Shore Streamkeepers undertake all sorts of studies and activities that protect our local waterways and enhance fish populations. Learn more about their work, and how to get involved, right here.