Party on: Concerts coming back to LVV

It looks like programming and events might be returning to Lynn Valley Village this summer! There are dates scheduled for both music and family games on the calendar.

The sound of music

A little piece of the Vancouver International Jazz Fest is hitting Lynn Valley Village plaza on June 26. Toronto’s Kobo Town will deliver its redefinition of Calypso music and Caribbean sound. It will be a chance to get the whole family moving during the free concert from 2-4 pm.

Kobo Town will be a perfect band for a sunny afternoon in Lynn Valley Village,” said Fiona Black, producer, North Shore Jazz Series in partnership with TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  “Typically for the Lynn Valley show, we strive to get an upbeat, family-friendly, fun band that will get folks dancing and enjoying the summer vibe in that great location. Drew Gonsalves, the leader of the band, hails from Trinidad and brings a very authentic calypso Caribbean sound mixed with ska and reggae for an irresistible, danceable blend of intoxicating beats.”

Starting June 25, there are eight events in eight days bringing both Canadian and international jazz to the North Shore Jazz Series. The events are produced independently through The BlueShore at CapU in partnership with the TD Jazz Festival. It was born out of a series of highlighting students’ achievements that was extended to partner with Coastal Jazz to create the NS Jazz Series. The BlueShore Financial Centre for the Performing Arts will be offering four ticketed events this year with additional four free community concerts. 

“I was conscious of developing a series that was distinctive from the offerings of the main festival and not attempt to compete with their shows,” said Black.  “It made NSJ delve into many genres beyond jazz to make it a unique offering that would be complementary to the main festival.”  

The events are an opportunity to hear something new.

“Jazz in the context of jazz festivals certainly is more of an umbrella term inclusive of many styles and genres,” she said.  “In addition to our purely jazz offerings, NSJ offers blues and world music which are certainly related to jazz and often employ some improvisation and stylistic similarities.  The TD jazz festival is a great opportunity to be open to new sounds, new bands and new experiences with lots of free and accessible options.”

Other summer plaza events

Doing a little digging, it appears North Vancouver Rec is adding additional programming on Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings in the plaza with Family Big Games starting June 28 but the organization would not confirm any specific information at this time. Check out their page sometime in the future.  

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Party on: Lynn Valley Days

One of Lynn Valley’s most missed traditions is returning for the first time since 2019: Lynn Valley Days. Block off your calendar for July 15 & 16 for the gala, parade and festival.

108 years old

It has been a quiet couple of years. As the world slowly opens again the Lynn Valley Lions are ready to bring the beloved Lynn Valley Days community festival back. 

“We are excited,” said Tania Newman, LV Lions secretary and co-producer of Lynn Valley Days. “We are seeing a lot of interest in the parade and exhibitors – it seems like people are keen to come back.”

Throughout its more than century of history, LV Days has taken place in just about every month from May to September, and this year the club has moved the event to July. 

“This is 100 percent a weather decision,” said Newman. “July might present some challenges with people on summer vacation but the weather hasn’t been the best in May or June. I can remember my first year – it was miserable, torrential rain.”

Community comfort

With the planning process given the green light, LV Days will be much the same as previous years with special care given to covid-safety. 

“We are an open-air event, and we hope people take as much space as they need to enjoy the event. We have changed the layout a bit and are thinking about how to best manage lines,” she said. “Our discussions with the District of North Vancouver have us asking that parade participants don’t hand anything out.”

Besides the goal of limiting contacts, the move is also to reduce the environmental footprint of the event. 

The event of the season

The classic festival that residents have come to love with rides and attractions, fair food, the community stage and exhibitors is ready to hit the field again. 

“We have some new ideas for food service,” said Newman. “And for the first time, we will have Lynn Valley wood carver [Ben Hemara] creating a piece on site.”

Also returning is the Friday night Gala. 

“We have a great party band – Side One – that will get the tent jumping. We are bringing in some of the carnival fun that is part of the main festival. Never before have we had the candy floss at the gala and this year we will have an adult snow cone.”

The night will focus on friends, food and fun with so many people ready to enjoy Lynn Valley. 

“People are looking to celebrate.”

50 years of Lynn Valley community work

The Lions are also using Lynn Valley Days to celebrate their more than 50 years of community work. 

“What I am most proud of is the Lions’ ability to react,” said Newman. “Just days before 2018 Lynn Valley Days we had the tragic Mountain Village Garden Apartment fire where two people died. We saw the community come together and we were able to act as a collection place for donations. Ever since then, the [Lynn Valley] Lions have had a community emergency fund and the Lynn Valley community donates throughout the year.

“We are able to get people what they need. We are independent and mobilize quickly. We don’t have to deal with the red tape of the government or some related organizations. We have grass-root connections and we are transparent.”

Most recently they lept into action partnering with Fraser Valley charities to support flood victims and dedicating a portion of the Christmas tree funds to directly benefit more than 16 families who were flooded out of their homes.

Unlike many volunteer organizations that collapsed during the pandemic, the LV Lions grew. And unlike many other chapters, many of the new members are young – diversifying the skills of the group, said Newman. 

“We do have a lot of fun but we are a humanitarian organization,” said Newman. “The international Lions’ slogan fits: ‘Where there is a need, there is a lion.’”

While the group grows, with such a long pause on Lynn Valley Days, it will be many members’ first time participating on the organizing side. 

“The people here are amazing, this is going to be a good festival – it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

To register as an exhibitor or parade participant or to purchase gala tickets visit Get ready to enjoy Lynn Valley Days on July 15 and 16th, 2022. 

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Community events return: helicopters, North Shore Rescue & food trucks this weekend

Saturday, May 7, marks the return of community events to Lynn Valley as the Outdoor Safety and Emergency Preparedness Open House comes to Argyle Secondary School and Lynn Valley Park from 11 am-2 pm. From helicopters to search and rescue dogs, from food trucks to instructional workshops, the family event aims to bring the community together and make it a little safer.

Education and engagement

“We are so excited to welcome the community again,” said Lisa Dalla Vecchia, communications manager for SD44. “We provide education to K to 12 students but we have a strong connection to the community. We always think of what we can do, and this builds on our partnership with North Shore Rescue.”

Last year SD44 and North Shore Rescue worked together to bring local families a “Survive your own adventure” interactive video. Building on that success, coupled with the lack of engagement opportunities during the pandemic, the idea of a community event was born. The small team, Dalla Vecchia, Adam Baumann, director of instruction, and Maddy Phillips, communications assistant, have been working for months with the previous Superintendent Mark Pearmain, Acting Superintendent Syliva Russell, Argyle staff, the DNV, and numerous organizations to kick-off endemic community events again.

“We are craving connection,” said Dalla Vecchia. “Some of the events of the past few years – wildfires, floods – have raised interest in emergency preparedness. Lynn Valley is a tight community. Since its launch, we have viewed Argyle Secondary as a community asset and we are excited to welcome the public.“

Helicopters, boats and booths

One of the biggest draws for families – besides education booths – will be access to a variety of rescue vehicles – land, sea and air – available for up-close interaction. 

Photo: NSR

“Just before the event begins at 11 am, North Shore Rescue’s helicopter will be landing at Lynn Valley Park,” said Dalla Vecchia. As the helicopter arrives and departs there will be very temporary traffic and pedestrian control. 

There will be much more to see at Argyle. North Shore Rescue is planning to bring most of its fleet, along with a boat from the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, a ladder truck for CNV Fire Department, and the wildfire resources from the DNV Fire Rescue Service, said Dalla Vecchia. 

With limited parking at Argyle’s upper lot, Lynn Valley Elementary and St. Clement’s Anglican Church. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the free bike valet at Argyle or walk to the event. 

Fourteen community organizations will be onsite with education booths covering everything from earthquakes to community biking. There will be opportunities to ask questions, participate in interactive exhibits and perhaps take home some knowledge or a prize or two.

Six organizations are also offering educational workshops for pre-registered participants.

“The workshops will take place inside Argyle,” said Dalla Vecchia. “It is a fully accessible school. There are still some workshop spaces available and we have been able to add a few more spaces for North Shore Rescue presentations that had been ‘sold out.’”

The DNV Fire and Rescue Services presentations on protecting, preventing, and preparing for wildfires, and the North Shore Black Bear Society’s cohabitating with bears presentations will be especially relevant to residents of Lynn Valley. 

“NSEM is truly excited to join the North Vancouver School District for this amazing family event and to celebrate Emergency Preparedness Week,” said Emily Dicken, director, North Shore Emergency Management. There’s never been a better time to ‘get prepared’! Our staff and volunteers will be there, eager to answer all questions, and help attendees give our prize wheel a spin.”

Fun and food

Conscious of creating a family experience the Girl Guides will be offering crafts for kids – and selling their cookies! There will also be four food trucks on-site to keep tummies full. Another family highlight will be a chance to meet the working dogs of North Shore Rescue. 

“A thank you to the community and residents for their support. We hope people come, have fun and learn something.”


The Outdoor Safety and Emergency Preparedness Open House takes place Saturday, May 7 at Argyle Secondary School, 1131 Frederick Road, from 11 am-2 pm. For more information or to register for presentations visit the event webpage

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Music and events returning to the plaza

There is hope that music and events will return to Lynn Valley Plaza this summer and the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission has opened auditions for a return to its seasonal events. 

Looking ahead

The NVRC is in the thick of planning and preparing for a summer that looks more like 2019, that the past two pandemic years. It might not be a “back to normal” but the plans sound like it will be a big step forward. 

As we are once again able to gather, art expression, art-making, and creativity are a wonderful way to bring children, youth, adults, and seniors together,” said Jeremy Neill, marketing coordinator for the commission. “NVRC is currently accepting applications from emerging, mid-career, and professional artists.”

Performers and artists are welcome to submit their applications through April 30. 

This is an excellent opportunity for artists to conceive and showcase their work, creativity, skills, imagination and talent in a public space,” he said. “All art genres are welcome including visual and multidisciplinary arts, music, dance, and theatre.” 

How to apply

The programmers are aiming to encourage community engagement and highlight cultural richness and diversity. Successful applicants bring unique and engaging experiences that are intended for audiences in a variety of North Vancouver neighbourhoods and are delivered through outdoor workshops or performances. 

For more details on the process and application details visit the NVRC website

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Spring Break in the Wild

As things slowly return to normal there are a handful of activities to check out during Spring Break and we are pleased to expect more to be offered as we head toward summer.

Wildlife Weeks

The Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre is offering both mini-camps and its wonderful Wildlife Weeks during Spring Break. Their camps are full (protip: become a member or sign-up for their newsletter to get an advance heads up for summer) but there are still in-person and virtual experiences for March 14-25 for their Wildlife Weeks. The suggested donation is $3.50 per person or $6 per family which is used to support other community organizations that share their knowledge during the Centre’s programs. Content is geared to ages 6+

“We have eight events, with six guest presenters,” said Cassie Allard, Ecology Centre education programer. “There are five online and three in-person events. We are so happy to be back being able to do something outside – to be able to look at some things,  touch some things, and even taste some things. There is a lot happening – the birds are chirping and plants are starting to grow.”

This is a great time to be out in the canyon with spring solidly on its way. There are signs of salmonberry and huckleberry bushes plumping up, skunk cabbage (one of bears’ favourite post-hibernation foods) sprouting and ferns unfurling, she said. 

“Our outdoor walks – are a bit of hiking,” said Allard. “There are lots of stairs so it is not stroller-friendly but babies that enjoy being in a carrier are welcome.”

Virtual events

Courtesy of Fur-Bearers

With the success of its pandemic pivot to online programs, the centre is reaching people from across Canada and the globe. Regular participants from the UK and New York join to learn more about our coastal rainforest, she said.

“The best chance to see some animals will be the Swoop and Soar presentation by the OWL Rehabilitation Centre.  I think the Canada’s Superhero presentation about beavers will be a good one,” said Allard. “Presenting for the first time for us is Dana Eye, a biologist who is passionate about rattlesnakes – but I don’t think there will be any live rattlesnakes at that one.”

At the Centre

If organized events aren’t your thing, the Ecology Centre is also open for visitors. 

“We have so many things going on,” said Allard. “The gift shop is freshly stocked. We have a colouring contest for Wildlife Weeks. We have two family scavenger hunts – one indoor and one outdoor.”

If family programming isn’t your thing, the centre has its gardening series launching this Saturday (scroll part way down this page for details). From starting seeds to babying tomatoes to protecting pollinators and much more are on offer. 

Following Wildlife Weeks the Ecology Centre will also be hosting its adult One Earth Series beginning April 2 which are suitable for those 15+.

A reminder: if visiting or participating in an in-person program, Lynn Canyon Park now has pay parking and residents can apply for a permit here


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Valentine’s & Family days in LV

There is a whole lot of love to celebrate this month as families and loved ones mark both Valentine’s Day and Family Day. Just seven days apart there is a chance to show those you care in many ways. We have our picks to celebrate this bright spot in the dark winter season.

Literary love

The North Vancouver Public Library is celebrating the love this Valentine’s Day – it’s a perfect celebration of the diversity of birthed and found families. For young readers, they have selected this curated list that covers everything from the Gen-X favourite Sharon, Lois and Bram’s Skinnamarink to last year’s The boy who loved everyone – a celebration of the love that is beyond words. 

For the teen or tween in your life edging closer to love here are some picks to check out. If love and romance remain on the avoid list, these great books are guaranteed free of romance but full of a great story. 

As we experience another February sticking closer to home, adults can celebrate and settle in at home with some modern – and classic – romance books. To create that warm fuzzy feeling without going too deep down the rom-com movie list, NVDPL has put together a list of feel-good films. Our pick from the list is Hidden Figures. And lastly, cuddle up and get comfy for a romantic movie. While some classics make this list, there is also action. 

Feed your heart

There are three ways to show your love with food but not everyone has the time to cook a fancy meal on a weeknight – so there are two other options: get something delivered or go out for a bite. There are plenty of great local restaurants to order take-out from, but if you want to go the extra mile, grab a bottle of wine and have a grazing platter delivered. Lynn Valley’s Folia Events offers local cheese and charcuterie with tasty accompaniments. Special for Valentine’s is the Brigadeiro (a Brazilian dessert, similar to a truffle) and the Decadent – a stunning reclaimed cedar box filled with delicacies, including a bottle of bubbly.

Heading out for a bite – the Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub is our pick. Their Valentine’s special is a steak with a lobster bearnaise, loaded baked potato and asparagus for $30. We suggest you up that to a three-course dinner ($40) featuring a choice of lobster bisque or salad, the steak special, and a dessert choice of their famous Chocolate Nemesis cake or Strawberry Champagne Cheesecake. If you can’t wait until Valentine’s the special dinner is also available on Saturday night. 

Family fun Feb 21

Toping the local list of Family Day fun is Free Family Skate at Karen Magnussen from 1-2:30pm. North Van Rec has plenty of other free family events on Family Day. There are swimming and activity drop-ins, even pottery. Check out their page for details some activities require booking. 

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Parade of Trees

The lights will shine again in Lynn Valley Dec. 5. The Lynn Valley Community Association is returning with its Parade of Trees at Lynn Valley Village and Lynn Valley Centre Plaza.

Bright lights

The Parade of Trees will be ongoing until Jan. 1. The 11th annual community event brings together local schools, businesses, community organizations and faith groups to decorate Christmas trees in their own unique way. Returning this year is the public’s chance to vote for their favourite tree. Do you love the themes? The lights? Pick up a ballot and wander through to find the tree that sparks some holiday joy.

Community events return

There are still event limitations for covid safety but there are some special days to pop in with the family. There are three events returning in December.

Dec. 5th, 5:30 pm, Annual Parade of Trees Lantern Parade

Join North Van Rec for the annual Parade of Trees Lantern Parade on Sunday.

Meet outside of the Community Room at Lynn Valley Village (look for the NVRC flags).

Together bring light to Lynn Valley Village Plaza! All are invited to create a festive lantern with a lantern craft kit, or, be inspired to make your own!

Contact NVRC Community Events for Information [email protected]  or 604-983-6575

Dec. 18th & 19th from 4:30 – 6:00 pm, Roving Carolers

Roving Carolers will bring festive acapella music to the backdrop of the festively decorated Lynn Valley Village Plaza. Come by and enjoy the magic of Christmas in the Village.

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.