Performer profile: ReeVay Music

Live and Local is bringing some fantastic talent to Lynn Valley Village throughout the summer. Showcasing a range of styles, the plaza will be pumping mid-day on Tuesdays and some Thursdays and Fridays. Hitting the stage on July at 11 am is ReeVay Music.

Award-winning song writer

From his beginnings busking, Marc Rivest has been a student of music. First learning on the streets of Calgary, progressing to formal learning at Capilano University and now evolving into theatrical musical comedy. 

“I got started as a performer in 2014 when I was living in Calgary,” said Rivest, “At that time I was a busker working for tips and Calgary train stations. That led to being accepted into jazz studies at Cap U – and having the funds to attend Cap U. Then when I graduated I thought about mixing my busker roots with my formal jazz training which led to creating the show I’ve been performing ever since.”

The award-winning songwriter has been described as a mix of jazz, Simon and Garfunkel, and Cat Stevens. His playlist is vast, covering favourites and songs guaranteed to get audiences grooving in the sunshine. 

“I put material into my show for everybody that could possibly be present,” said Ree Vay. “This includes some of my own songwriting, jazz standards, Celtic folk, pop covers, some Motown . . . ”

Proud of his musicality, Rivest has continued his evolution. 

“The music is quite complex so I’m hoping that those that understand the language of music will be quite impressed with the arrangements,” he said. “For those that are not, I’m hoping it’s energetic and lively enough to get people moving.”

New sounds, old favourites

After three years of the pandemic stifling public performances, Rivest has spent time heading in a new direction – a musical.

“The most significant project that I’m working on is quite different from my previous work,” he said. “I’ve been working on creating a musical.  It had its first staging at the Ignite Festival in Calgary this June and I’m hoping to open it up in Vancouver in 2024.”

Called Tales from the Gym, the presentation is a work in progress that is growing and evolving. According to Rivest – it’s alive.  

“Is essentially a comedic deconstruction of the character archetypes you would find in your local gym,” he explained. “It’s a musical comedy and at this point, a one-man show but I’m hoping to grow the cast In time for the next staging.  It is also what is called a living musical in that it’s going to grow and change with every single performance.”

Plaza performance

This summer is a return to the before times, with a Lynn Valley Village scheduled with weekly events. It’s a chance to return to performing at community events.

“It feels so good to be out there performing again,” said Rivest. “This is the first summer where it’s been basically back to normal. I’m lucky enough to have quite a few shows booked  over the next few months – a lot of them on the North Shore.”

As Rivest embraces the abundance of opportunities, he continues to develop his sound for these types of performances. 

“One thing that I’m doing new this summer is expanding the number of instruments I’m using.  Kicking off at the Lynn Valley show I’m going to be using harmonicas to fill out my sound and in the months to come I will be acquiring a loop pedal,  incorporating piano, bass, a full drum kit and backing vocals,” said Rivest. 

Marc Rivest, as ReeVay Music, will hit Lynn Valley Village plaza on July 11, from 11 am to 1 pm.

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Live and Local returns

Lynn Valley Village will be bustling this summer with a full slate of free Live and Local performances and activities for this summer. From games to bands to airbrush tattoos, all the local favourites are coming back.

Family-friendly big games

The Lynn Valley Village plaza will be filled with Big Games every Monday and Wednesday from 1 – 3 pm to the end of August. Enjoy giant-sized versions of classic favourite games. 

  • July 3rd
  • July 5
  • July 10
  • July 12
  • July 17
  • July 19
  • July 24
  • July 26
  • July 31
  • August 2

Mid-day music

To get a taste of the local music scene, head over to the plaza Tuesdays from 11 am – 1 pm to enjoy everything from pop to jazz to soul.

July 4 Rose Ranger

Hailing from Vancouver’s North Shore, Rose Ranger’s creative process is inextricably linked with the ocean and mountains that are a stone’s throw away from her front door. Combined with her love of all musical genres and her utmost appreciation for all the creative arts – the blend creates a dynamic vibrancy in her songwriting process. And that sentiment is a testament to her new music.

July 11 ReeVay Music

ReeVay is the moniker of the multi-talented Marc Rivest. The Lower Mainland-based artist gracefully weaves the finest elements of folk, jazz and pop. His work is simultaneously soothing, powerful and transformative. It’s easy to get lost in the rich tapestry of sound he has generously created.

July 18 Mom Bop

Mom Bop will brighten your day with colourful outfits, electro-pop music, and upbeat dance routines. With original songs written for young ears and those who are young at heart, Mom Bop spreads a message of positivity and fun!

July 25 Emma Currie

Emma Currie is a dynamic pop, R&B and soul vocalist from Vancouver, British Columbia. She was born into a musical family that included her great-grandmother, a trained opera singer. Some of Emma’s musical influences include  Shania Twain, Demi Lovato, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley,  Céline Dion, and Stevie Wonder.

August 1 Cherie Summers

Singer, songwriter, performer, and busker. Cherie Summers is a multi-talented musician who can do it all! Come watch Cherie in her element as she plays the acoustic guitar and sings.

Friday night fun

Evening entertainment gets Lynn Valley Village moving from 6-8 pm.

July 7 Star Collector

Star Collector is a power pop band from Vancouver, BC that has played throughout Canada, the U.S, and Europe. They have recorded five albums to this day and continue to be a force in the music industry!

July 14 Not scheduled 

July 21 Dr. Strange Love Band

Dr. Strangelove is a highly entertaining, multi-faceted, six-piece dance band with five talented lead vocalists, who can cover everything from Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga, and from AC/DC to Shania Twain. One of the few bands in the country who can confidently take requests all night long, while keeping the dance floor packed, people engaged…and all with a sense of humour and fun!

July 28 Nothing scheduled

Aug 4 Mazacote

Juno-nominated MAZACOTE is a hard-hitting world/Latin band with deep roots in the music of Colombia, Mozambique and Venezuela. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean percussion and tropical party sounds, they play brass-heavy Latin dance beats with a message!

Thursday special Plaza Pop Up

July 27, 6 – 8 pm

  • Beauty Shop Dolls
  • Ink Vancouver

This Plaza Pop-up features the Beauty Shop Dolls who are a retro female trio that bring dazzling vintage-inspired sights and music. Singing and dancing through classic music from the roaring 1920s, the swinging 1940s, and boppin’ 1950s and 60s radio hits, these dolls know how to woo any crowd into an old-fashioned love affair.

Also featured is Frederic Carrasco from ‘Ink Vancouver’ a local and talented airbrush tattoo artist. Pick your choice of various stencils and shapes to enjoy a temporary tattoo!

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Foodie Fridays at the Legion

The Lynn Valley Legion is bringing back an entire summer of Food Truck Fridays. The summertime tradition has been a favourite for the last two summers. 


July Food Truck Fridays





August Food Truck Fridays



FRIDAY, AUGUST 18TH SIRIUS CRAVINGS! – The Best Smash Burgers in Town! 


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st STEAMWORKS – Burgers, Tacos and more!

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

Music for the community

The Lynn Valley Library won’t be so quiet this month when the North Vancouver Community Band brings its music for an evening concert on May 31.

A place for all that love to play

For two decades musicians have been gathering together for their love of music. The group aims to make music accessible to everyone in the community regardless of age, skill level or socioeconomic status. They are currently welcoming new members. 

Ned Booker

“We welcome everyone 13 and up,” said trumpet player Ned Booker. “We might even take a precocious and motivated 10-year-old – it’s all negotiable if they love music.”

The band strives for a supportive environment that encourages new members to pick up forgotten instruments, learn new instruments or enhance their current skills, according to its website. It was a warm and welcoming place for Judith Nitsch who took up the clarinet as she approached 50. 

“I saw my eldest son playing in the school band and I thought I would like to do that,” said Nitsch. She began with lessons with a teacher and about a year later was encouraged to give the community band a try. 

“It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am glad I didn’t take up piano or guitar – something that I played by myself. I had never been a part of a band program,” she said. “I felt like a fish in the deep blue sea.”

During the first nervous practice, she was guided to her section, supported by another player.

“I didn’t play a lot,” laughed Nitsch. “There is a lot to pay attention to and our conductor gently guided me to play the first note of each bar. I was so welcome and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Music for all

Booker felt just as welcome but in a completely different way. A musician for more than 25 years he has played most of his life since the age of six.

Judith Nitsch

“I haven’t been in Vancouver long, nearly two years,” said Booker. “I got to know our current conductor and found a place in the band.”

He was drawn to the band’s goals of bringing music to those who might not have access.

“I just love community performances,” said Booker. “I grew up in a rural area and I loved community music. When you go you see everyone in the audience, children, parents, seniors – it’s by the community for the community.”

The NV Community Band’s goals to allow all to experience music are embraced by the players. 

“It tends to be folks with kids in high school and a bit more time, or people who have retired,” said Booker. “People often have to take a break from their music. The musician who sits next to me played in high school and he came back to it decades later. He’s a great player. I don’t want to turn anyone away.”

Today the band has musicians between 20 and 80. The pandemic impacted their numbers and they would like others to join them. Practices are held Thursdays from 7:30 – 9 pm in the music room at Carson Graham Secondary School. 

“It’s a wonderful feeling to be a tiny part of a whole,” said Nitsch. “I don’t play in a band to be heard, I play to make music that I couldn’t make by myself.”

Upcoming concert May 31

The North Vancouver Community Band will bring a variety of lively pieces to the Lynn Valley Library on the evening of May 31. There will be well-known melodies from movies, a medley of Duke Ellington, a Gaelic piece as well as the exciting Jitterbug by North Vancouver’s Robert Buckley. If you can not make the May 31 concert, the same set will be performed at the North Vancouver Band Fest on June 11 at the Shipyards. 

“It’s fun – stuff we like to play and we hope people like to listen to,” said Booker, adding “It’s a bit bittersweet. Our current conductor is departing after 20-plus years with the band. These performances are to say thank you – not goodbye.” 

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Spring Break family adventures

Spring Break is looming on the horizon and there are plenty of activities happening in Lynn Valley to help keep kids busy, try something new and perhaps learn something disguised as fun.

The return of in-person Wildlife Weeks

The Ecology Centre hoping families stop by over spring break for drop-in (no registration required, but first come first serve basis) programs throughout the two weeks. Its Wildlife Weeks are bound to inspire and educate. The goal is to help families learn about the rich biodiversity of our planet from the experts who care for wildlife.

All programs are by donation, recommended $3.50 per person or $6 per family, per program. Cash and card donations are accepted. In addition to the special programs the centre will be open for visits and has new indoor and outdoor take away activity sheets, colouring contest, and crafts.

Storytime with a local conservationist for all ages –  March 13 10:30-11:15am. Mark Angelo will be leading an interactive reading of his children’s book The Little Creek That Could. Learn the value of our local waterways and how you can play a part in repairing them.

Day in the life of a park ranger for ages 5+ – March 13, 1-2pm. Who looks after our beautiful parks and how do they do it? Get a special behind-the-scenes look at the Lynn Canyon Ranger Station and discover the duties of a hard-working Park Ranger.

Go Fish BC for ages 5+ – March 15, 10:30-11:30am. Learn about freshwater habitats, conservation and how to fish responsibly with the Freshwater Fisheries of BC. Try a dry-land cast to get ready for that next family fishing trip! Includes fish identification and biology, equipment set-up, and safety.

Felting local plants and animals for ages 5+ – March 15, 2-3pm. Learn how to felt an animal, plant, fungi or bug using needle felting techniques. All equipment provided, please consider donating extra to cover the cost of supplies.

Wild neighbours with the Fur-Bearers for ages 5+ – March 16, 1-2pm. Wild animals don’t just live “in the wild” – wildlife is all around us.Learn more about our wild neighbours and live alongside them respectively.  

Treetop Tales storytime for ages 2+ – March 17, 11-11:30am. Listen to stories, songs and rhymes about nature! Every first and third Friday of the month. 

Urban wildlife with biologist Dr. Tom Flower for ages 5+ – March 20, 10:30-11:30am. Have you ever wondered what animals are doing when we’re not looking? Discover which creatures are roaming the forests by watching secret camera footage. 

Park range walk and talk for ages 5+ – March 20, 1-2pm. Learn about the exciting career of a Park Ranger. Enjoy a guided walk through the park, including the suspension bridge. Discover how you can keep safe while having fun in our community’s green spaces.

Forest bathing guided walk with Tracy Chalmers for all ages – March 22, 12:30-2pm. Relax among the trees and absorb the wonders our forest has to offer!  Forest Bathing is a slow, mindful experience with stillness and sitting. 

Family nature walk for all ages – March 23, 1-2:30pm. Enjoy a guided nature walk over the suspension bridge and around the 30ft pool loop. Begin with a brief intro to the rainforest and end with an inside close-up of some of the smallest inhabitants of the park.

Owls of British Columbia for ages 8+ – March 24, 11am-12pm. Join award-winning photographer and ornithologist Liron Gertsman for an indoor intro to the remarkable owls of BC! Discover their unique and fascinating qualities.

Spring fun at the NVDPL

Head over to the library at Lynn Valley Village for these fun programs.

Family Fun Time for ages 0-5, March 14 & 21 – 10:30am-12pm. Toys and books are provided – bring your little ones and enjoy a cozy space to connect and play with other families. 

Lego Time for ages 4 – 12, March 15 & 22 – 10am-12pm Drop in for free and get ready to build. Your task will be to let your imagination run wild. Play, create and experiment as you choose.

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LVCA Family Fun Fair

Kirkstone Park will be buzzing with free family fun this weekend. The Lynn Valley Community Association is launching their Family Fun Fair Saturday, September 10 from 10 am – 2 pm. 

Celebrating community

The Lynn Valley Community Association is bringing together local businesses and community groups for what it hopes in a new annual event this Saturday. 

“We wanted to do something that would be fun for the whole family and not cost a lot,” said Shannon Epp, LVCA treasurer. “Things are getting expensive.”

On the agenda for Saturday is face painting, games and relays, a dunk take and more – all free to families. There will also be a DNV Firefighters Charitable Society BBQ with food donated by Save-On-Foods supporting their causes. 

The event was born out of the goal of bringing the community out to participate in some old-fashioned fun. 

“We have gone through two-and-a-half years of covid,” said Epp. “We [the LVCA] do our Christmas Tree [Parade] and wanted to do something else. We started thinking: ‘What was fun when we were growing up?’” 

Discussions came to the conclusion that the joy of the classic sports day was the way to launch what the association hopes is an annual event. 

“We want people to have fun,” she said. “This is the first year. We have had a positive response – we hope it grows and more people get involved in future years.”

With the event a few days away, there is still hope a few more volunteers will offer their time. Volunteers can contact the LVCA at [email protected]. The events kick off at 10 am on September 10 and wraps up at 2 pm at Kirkstone Park. Walking or rolling is encouraged. 

“I want to see people smiling, laughing and having fun,” said Epp.

Come out and see Jim & Kelly as they host the family games. Lots of fun with potato sack, 3-legged and egg and spoon races. Plus the always entertaining balloon toss! We can’t wait!

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

From big bands to Bollywood

The return of music and family fun to Lynn Valley Village is going strong. On the schedule are games, bands and Bollywood. 

Wednesdays: celebrating community diversity

Evenings at Lynn Valley Village have a lot to offer this month. From classics to dance lessons. There will be a variety of sounds and styles to get families moving from 6-8 pm.

August 10: The vintage fabulous trio Beauty Shop Dolls will fill the plaza with harmonies while kids can take advantage of the craft table. . Performing classics from the roaring 1920s Great Gatsby era, the swinging 1940s dance halls, and boppin’ 1950s radio hits, these dolls know how to woo any crowd into an old fashioned love affair. The perfect blend of lush vocals, gorgeous retro costumes, and classic dance choreography, Beauty Shop Dolls leave anyone with a sweet tooth for musical delight well satisfied. 

August 17: Bollywood dance expert Rohan D’Silva will be offering a lesson to get Lynn Valley on board with one of Canada’s fastest growing dance styles. There will also be music from the Mark James Fortin Band to round out the evening. Lead by local teach Mark James Fortin, the band has been described as raw, powerful, and dynamic. Mark’s wide appeal is based on skill, talent and an uncompromising desire to offer music with heart. This vibrant band has been seen performing all over the North Shore. Plus, crafts for the kids. 

August 24: It’s another night of Bollywood dancing with Rohan D’Silva and a chance to learn Mediterranean dancing with Pooneah Alizadeh. Alizadeh is the award-winning artistic director of the Academy of Middle Eastern Dance. The artistic direction of her academy is based on a fusion of Middle Eastern dance, folkloric dances and ballet influences — including belly dance. With more than 18 years of teaching experience in Canada, she is bound to get you moving. And, of course, crafts! 

Sundays: bigs bands and brass

These high-energy shows from 1-3 pm, Sundays, are redefining what you think of when you hear “brass” band. These are not retro-parade marching bands but eclectic, dynamic groups to get you moving. 

August 7: Filipinx-Canadian multi-instrumentalist and loop artist, Alex Meher’s performances showcase his musical instincts. The solo artist builds songs layer by layer as he performs percussion, electric guitar, soulful vocals, keys, synth, SPDS drum pad and alto sax. With lush layers, complex harmonies, and a driving rhythm, his music will make the crowd move. 

August 14: Inspired by Eastern-European roots, via East Vancouver’s Balkan Schmalkan is a dancy party orchestra. Their funky brass dance beats are rooted in the living aural traditions of the Roma and Klezmorim of Eastern Europe and blended with a mixture of pop, funk, and jazz. Members of the group sing in 6 languages including Serbian, Romani, and Italian.

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There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.