We have launched Project Special Delivery, a community-wide effort to share heartfelt good wishes for everyone in the LVCC.

We have heard from many of our readers who are searching for a way to show their support for the residents of Lynn Valley Care Centre and all who are working so hard to provide them with care.

So we have launched Project Special Delivery, a community-wide effort to share heartfelt good wishes for everyone in the LVCC. You can participate right from your home!

Please write or draw your positive message on a letter-sized piece of paper, using a large font or clear handwriting. German and Farsi speakers, messages in your language are especially welcome! And kids’ art always helps brighten people’s day. Just photograph or scan your contribution and send it to info@lynnvalleylife.com (subject line: Special Delivery) as soon as you can.

We are aiming to have at least 200 well-wishes by the end of Monday, so we can deliver a strong message of love and compassion to the LVCC on Tuesday.

We understand that people want to help and that Lynn Valley is generous so we will let people know of any further specific requests for aid.

We know you’re up for this, Lynn Valley! Thanks in advance for your participation and feel free to share this project with friends and family.


Helping out in other ways

“Staying at home” is often easier said than done. That’s where we want to lend a (well-washed!) hand. If you are under the weather but need something picked up or delivered (be it groceries, medication, a school child or ??), please let us know if we can help you or if you might be available to help others.

Email us or text Jim Lanctôt 778.991.6284 or Kelly Gardiner 604.644.3936. If we can’t do it personally, we’ll do our best to find someone who can.

Let’s look after each other. It’s what neighbourhood is all about – in good times and hard times. And remember: confidence, hope, and good cheer are more contagious than any virus. So let those be the weapons we bring to this battle!


The latest information from Vancouver Coast Health Authority.

The latest information from the BC Centre of Disease Control. Answers for kids questions and a video.

How to prepare for a pandemic from North Shore Emergency Management. Hint: it doesn’t include hoarding toilet paper. There are links to register for notifications of outbreaks or pandemics.

Details on the proper way to wash your hands.

If you think you may have symptoms of coronavirus, call 8-1-1 for an assessment.

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