It’s almost Thanksgiving, and LynnValleyLife is hoping everyone can have a share in the harvest.

This year we are teaming up with St. Clement’s Anglican Church to help people with enough food on their table make sure the same goes for their neighbours. Thanksgiving has long been celebrated as a time of gratitude at the end of the harvest season, and if you would like to express your gratitude in a tangible way – with garden produce or a bag of groceries –  your contribution would be much appreciated!

All the food will be given to the Harvest Project,  which distributes over 5,000 emergency bags or hampers of groceries annually. Representatives from the Harvest Project describe just some of their services to approximately 1,000 North Shore families:

Each month, the Grocery Support Program provides client-families with nutritious food, as they work towards wholeness. In total, this program delivers food valued at about $50,000 each month. Clients are empowered to choose groceries including fresh produce, bread, dairy, dry goods and the canned food they need. In addition, each season, HP invites clients to select clothing they may need to get back to work or school. Currently, about three-quarters of clients are families with children and a quarter are seniors or individuals with serious health problems.

We are told that most-needed items include:

  • Baked beans  (small and medium size)
  • Canned Vegetables small sizes
  • Canned Meat
  • Harvest Project logo JPGCanned Fish
  • Pasta sauce – tomato or cream
  • Canned tomatoes (diced or whole)
  • Peanut Butter and Spreads
  • Canned Fruit and fruit cups
  • Granola Bars
  • Cookies and Crackers
  • Coffee  (1 lb pack, ground)
  • Flour, Sugar, Salt (1 to 2 lbs max)
  • Oil, Vinegar    (500 ml max)
  • Toothbrushes individually packed
  • Toothpaste   (small and regular size)
  • Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner
  • Razors
  • Toilet Paper
  • Diapers, Size 4,5 & 6
  • Rice –  1 LB bags
  • Grocery Gift Cards
  • Canned soups : 10 oz and 14 oz Assorted
  • Men/women new socks and underwear

Non-perishables such as those listed here can be dropped off at the LynnValleyLife office (3171 Mountain Hwy) from 9 to 5 p.m. on weekdays until Friday, October 6.

Hardy fresh produce from the shop or garden (apples, carrots, squashes, oranges, etc) can be taken to St. Clement’s Anglican Church at 3400 Institute Road, across from Lynn Valley Park. Please drop perishables at the church on Friday, Oct. 6 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., or on Sunday morning before 9:30 a.m.

All Lynn Valley food donations will be present at St. Clement’s “Blessing of the Bounty” Thanksgiving Service, and then transported to the Harvest Project that afternoon.

Being in community means lending a hand to those who need it, and we hope you’re able to take part in this food drive. If you need a hand yourself, please don’t hesitate to find out more about the various programs and services offered at the Harvest Project. All their contact information is right here.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn Valley!

Please click for a detailed poster…

Blessing of the Bounty poster JPG