LynnValleyLife sponsoring realtor Suzanne Callaghan (and proud Arygle grad!) is an avid believer in school sports. As such, she is delighted to be sponsoring four teams at her alma mater this year!

She is pleased to be sponsoring the Junior and Senior Boys’ Soccer teams, and the Junior Varsity and Varsity Football teams.

Argyle Pipers in paradeSuzanne has been told that the football teams are putting her sponsorship funds toward a special camera attachment so they can film footage from above, while the soccer teams will be replacing balls and purchasing needed supplies such as mannikins for use during practice drills, so everyone can be moving and nobody is left standing around.

If you’d like to come out and show your support for the Pipers, the game schedules are at the following links:

Pipers Football:

Junior Varsity schedule

Varsity schedule

Pipers Soccer:

Junior Boys’ Soccer schedule (regular season, check back for playoff games)

Senior Boys’ Soccer schedule

Suzanne can be found at many of the games, and gives a big tip of her hat to the sponsoring teachers and the hard-working coaches and players, and to the other backers of the Pipers football team:

  • Lynn Valley Legion
  • Bayshore Law
  • Western Campus
  • The Lougheed and Thomas Families

For information on how to help support and sponsor the Argyle Pipers Football program, contact Shane Sheehan | [email protected] | 604.762.5283. For info on the soccer team, please contact Argyle teacher Darren Rath at ​[email protected].

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