According to RCMP Cpl. Richard De Jong, a mixture of marijuana and magic mushrooms were behind the Saturday, Aug. 11 incident in which a teenager was seen naked and bleeding in the Mountain Highway and Kilmer area.

Emergency services received several reports from people who saw the agitated young man at about 5 p.m. on an otherwise typical Lynn Valley summer evening. While some people in the neighbourhood were worried that he had been attacked, it turns out the man was not an assault victim after all.

Responders located the 17-year-old and learned that, after ingesting the illegal drugs while visiting a friend, he became “mentally and emotionally distressed,” stripped naked, and leapt through the residence’s plate glass window in an attempt to run home.

Police always find these kind of incidents concerning, said Cpl. De Jong, who noted that the teenager was taken to Lions Gate Hospital for treatment of the wounds he received during his drug-induced psychosis.