Meet the candidates: Betty Forbes

We wanted to get to know who in our neighbourhood was stepping up and putting themselves out there to help govern our city. We recognize some of the names and definitely want to get to know those we don’t.

We reached out to all the councillor candidates who live in Lynn Valley and submitted their contact details on the District of North Vancouver website. We passed on four questions we thought would be broad enough to showcase their personality and their positions, but would also focus their attention on Lynn Valley and the issues that matter here. The candidates had the option to respond to the questions they chose and how they wanted. Additional responses can be found here. And don’t forget to VOTE October 20.

Why do you want to be a District of North Vancouver councillor?

I am a fourth generation North Vancouverite and a life-long volunteer on many committees, including the OCP Implementation Monitoring Committee.  I attend Council meetings, workshops, and Open Hearings.  In this last term of Council I have seen that the communities questions, presentations, voices are not being heard.  I want to take the communities voices to the decision table and ensure that they are heard, discussed and Council’s decisions are transparent.

Why should the public give you their vote?

Professionally I am an accountant and in the past I have worked at a senior level in the District’s finance department for many years.  I have worked in government, understand it’s protocols and systems.  I was appointed to the OCP Implementation Monitoring Committee last year and have studied the OCP inside and out as my bedtime reading.  It is an excellent document and I have been dismayed at the amount of re-zonings and amendments that the current council has done.  It is a living document and is suppose to be reviewed every 5 years and we are now 2 years overdue.  I want the community to have input a 2019 review.

What issues do you want to focus on?

I have a number of issues I want to focus on but the top three are: transportation & infrastructure, housing affordability and development, council transparency & accountability.

Transportation and infrastructure has not kept up with the pace of development so we need to slow down development until our infrastructure catches up (ie: roads, sewers, lighting, wastewater, sidewalks, schools, hospital etc.).  We need a more efficient transit system to just get around the North Shore never mind trying to get over the bridges.

Housing “affordability” needs to be addressed to accommodate all community residents including the young, the new families, established families, seniors and the disabled.  The District needs to have a diverse range of housing and work with non-profit organizations like Habitat Humanity to provide subsidized housing.  The DNV should also lobby both provincially and federally to get them back into offering incentives such as tax credits to developers to build more “affordable” housing.  I would like to see the definition of “affordable” be tied to income not market.  The last several years we have been building $1.2M+ market condos that are not affordable to most, causing renovictions and people leaving the North Shore as they cannot afford to live here.  Workers are also leaving so businesses are now having trouble getting or retaining workers.  This lack of housing affordability will result in current businesses closing and new businesses will choose to start-up somewhere else.

What are your priorities for Lynn Valley?

I have lived in Lynn Valley for over 38 years and have raised my two adult children here as a single mom during their adolescence so I know Lynn Valley well.  My priorities would be:

       -getting more public transit more often to make connections during more hours of the day

       -lobby for a B-Line bus from Lynn Valley to the Quay

       -slow down development and concentrate any density in the town center

       -phase developments so as not to have a negative impact on the surrounding neighbourhood

       -keep older rental stock to the end of it’s useful life to avoid renovicting people into a .5% rental vacancy market ie:  Emery Village

       -build rental stock

       -build more diverse housing for all stages of one’s life

       -provide a youth center

       -promote Lynn Valley Village (mall) as a good place to do business

       -keep all our green spaces and parks protected

Traffic detours coming to Mountain & Frederick

Summertime means street work! Starting on June 28 and running right through to August 20, the District will be installing a new watermain and services on Mountain Hwy just south of Frederick Road.

Excavating will be done of the street, boulevard and some driveways, with re-seeding and restoration scheduled for the end of the project.

The road will be closed at the Frederick/Mountain Hwy intersection from 7am-5pm Monday through Fridays, with southbound traffic being diverted along Frederick Road. Northbound traffic will be able to proceed through the Lynn Valley/Mountain Hwy intersection, with a single lane being kept open throughout the construction period.


Remember watering restrictions when sunny weather comes

Water restrictions probably haven’t been top of mind for most Lynn Valleyites, seeing as Mother Nature has been abundantly generous with water herself. But now that sunny weather is upon us, here’s a reminder of our water-conservation responsibilities. Phase One lawn sprinkling restrictions  are currently in force:

Lawn sprinkling are restricted to three periods a week, mornings only. Outdoor sprinkling of lawns, using hose-connected or automatic in-ground sprinklers, will be permitted only as follows:


Be a Lynn Valley LINK trail builder!

There’s an exciting new outdoor recreational project afoot in Lynn Valley, and you could be on the ground floor (literally). The Lynn Valley Community Association’s Annual Park Project takes place on Saturday, May 13 and is a key component of the new Lynn Valley LINK, a collaborative project between the LVCA and the District of North Vancouver.   The LINK will connect existing trails within and through Lynn Valley and will feature informational kiosks at key locations around the community.


Keep your finger on the pulse of development in Lynn Valley

Mairi Welman, North Van District’s communications manager, recently let us know about two new online tools you can use to keep abreast of issues affecting your neighbourhood.

If you’d like to receive email notifications of new development applications in Lynn Valley, or across the entire District, just sign up here.

And if you go to this link, up will come a map of the District with icons representing the major development applications that have been submitted but not yet approved by council. This info is updated once a week. Once projects have been approved, they are moved over into “Traffic Impacts” (a separate tab on the map), which shows road improvements that are under way as well as how each development under construction is handling traffic and any re-routing or disruptions are scheduled.


Open Houses held to demo highway improvements

With the recent announcement about increased funding that will allow for a smoother flow of  traffic up to and around the Ironworkers Memorial bridge, two meetings have been scheduled to update the public and answer questions. Please see this Lynn Valley Community Association press release for details:

News on the recently announced east-west local connection
and improved highway interchange in Lower Lynn

The Ministry of Transportation will be hosting two Open Houses to present in more detail the plans for the enhanced highway interchange project in Lower Lynn, along with the new east-west connection for local traffic.

The new interchange will give Lynn Valley residents direct south-bound access to Highway #1 and on to Second Narrows Bridge. Local traffic travelling east or west over Lynn Creek will have a new, direct and entirely local connection.


Lynn Valley donors warm hands and hearts

‘Twas the week before Christmas (or maybe a bit more)
When we asked you to keep your eyes peeled at the store
For gloves and hats, and protection from sleet
To help Cpl. Wong bring some warmth to the street.
You opened your hearts, and pulled out your purse
And here’s where we switch to narrative from verse…

It’s hard to switch into prose, however, because there was much that was poetic about our visit with Cpl. Randy Wong and his wife, Sahar Manochehri. The couple visited the LynnValleyLife editor’s home to pick up several large bags of items donated by readers to help stock the ziplocked care kits that Randy and Sahar assemble and distribute for the homeless in our local communities.


Warm the homeless with help from first responders

Looking for some good news to warm a cold day? LynnValleyLife recently received this lovely press release from the North Vancouver RCMP, about a neighbourly initiative launched by Cst. Randy Wong and his wife, Sahar. Using money donated by Randy’s RCMP colleagues, the couple have been creating care packages for the men and women the constable encounters over the course of his days and nights on the streets of North Vancouver. The ziplock bags contain warm mitts, toques, socks, disposable rain ponchos, energy bars and other essential supplies for those whose lives are spent largely without shelter.


Headwaters road deterioration prompts closure to vehicles


Temporary Closure to Lynn Headwaters Access Road

In the interest of public safety, the District of North Vancouver has closed its access road to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park at the top of Lynn Valley Road to vehicles, effective immediately.

The road, which cuts through steeply sloped terrain, has deteriorated to the extent that portions of the road are at risk of failure, which could result in landslide. At this time, the closure applies to vehicles only; pedestrian and bicycle access is still permitted. Pedestrians may also access the park from Lynn Valley Road via the Varley Trail.


Argyle school replacement subject of open house

The community has long been awaiting news of the fate of Argyle Secondary. The school district is inviting local citizens to an open house and presentation that will explain the proposal and offer the opportunity to ask questions and put forward your thoughts on several community-related aspects of the project. It’s on Thursday, November 24, and takes place in the Argyle school gymnasium.

6:30 p.m. – Doors Open
6:30 – 7:15 p.m. – Open House
7:15 – 8:30 p.m. – Presentation

From the School District press release: