We’re thrilled for Ginger Campbell, who ended this week $2,500 richer! (Sorry, we reported the wrong surname earlier!)

The Lynn Valley resident won the prize in a random draw, thanks to participating in Bosa’s recent contest soliciting potential names for the new development planned for the Zellers end of Lynn Valley Mall.

We don’t know what name Ginger suggested, but we can tell you that the new development will be called The Residences at Lynn Valley. For more information about the project, being described as a “mountain village” with a residential component above a ¬†grocery store and other retail outlets, click here. The development will also include an extensive, staged renovation of the entire shopping mall.

Ginger Shaw

Ginger Campbell, left, accepts her $2,500 prizewinnings for participating in Bosa’s recent contest to name the new residential development at Lynn Valley Mall. Beside her is Lisa Murrell, Bosa Development Corp’s sales and marketing manager.