The DNV is hosting active transportation information sessions highlighting its upcoming launch of an e-cargo lending program. Information sessions are throughout April & May and will be coming to Lynn Valley on April 20 & 21. 

Getting people out of cars

Active transportation plans for the DNV are geared to getting people out of their cars to take more trips on foot, on transit or by bike or scooter. 

“I think we aren’t moving fast enough at connecting projects,” said councillor Jordan Back. “We learned a lot about the impact on local residents with 29th Street but that has left us a little bit behind. We need more connected mobility lanes – what have been typically referred to as bike lanes – to get people to the places they want to go.”

It will also take a shift from car first to ‘car-light,’ says Back. 

Jordan Back and his family on a bike

Jordan Back

“It’s hard to imagine another way to get around,” said Back. “I drive a car when it’s needed but most of your everyday needs can be done by bike. Improving bike facilities like newer racks that any size bike can lock to and better lighting are also making it better.”

As the DNV engages with the public and council, Back thinks active transportation can be developed with a simple goal in mind.

“Safe routes are used more. One way to think about it is: if it’s safe enough for you to bring your young kids, it’s going to be safe for everyone else.”

Embracing e-bikes

One of the biggest changes making a ‘car-light’ lifestyle feasible in a hilly place like North Vancouver is the rise of and affordability of e-bikes. The DNV began exploring the idea of e-cargo bike lending library last year after a motion introduced by Back. 

“It’s moving ahead,” said Back. “I think it will be great especially now that we will be working with the city [of North Vancouver]. So many people will have the opportunity to see how it fits their life. Does a cargo bike physically fit in their space?” 

The larger bikes are popular in other parts of the world offering a more functional family-friendly form of transportation. Back says he hopes that making them available for a family to test drive will help them embrace this newer form of active transportation. 

To learn more visit one of the DNV’s information opportunities throughout April and May. Two sessions will be at the Lynn Valley library from 11 am – 2 pm April 20 & 21.

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