What’s on this month’s garden to-do list? We asked local landscapers Matt and Rob Boyd of Endless Summer Landscaping to give us their top tips for a beautiful yard.

Mulch. It seems to be many landscapers’ philosophy that when all else fails, just go for a thick layer of decorative mulch or rocks. It gives a clean look and hides a multitude of landscaping failures. Mulch is also a relatively cheap material to purchase. There are a million types of mulching materials, including natural sources like fallen leaves, and you can get creative.

Outdoor lighting. Most people assume outdoor lighting means solar lights along the driveway, but there are many ways to incorporate lighting outside, including candles, lanterns hung from trees, and others. For a unique look, DIY Network dresses up a plain strand of lights with aluminum screening.

Pots. While we acknowledge a large collection of pots can be expensive, it encourages people to buy one or two a year over time to create an impressive display.

Annuals planting. You can start to plant your favorite selection of annuals to bring colour and life to all your garden beds.

Trim Perennials. Trim up and divide your perennials to get ready to complement your annuals.