Mairi Welman, North Van District’s communications manager, recently let us know about two new online tools you can use to keep abreast of issues affecting your neighbourhood.

If you’d like to receive email notifications of new development applications in Lynn Valley, or across the entire District, just sign up here.

And if you go to this link, up will come a map of the District with icons representing the major development applications that have been submitted but not yet approved by council. This info is updated once a week. Once projects have been approved, they are moved over into “Traffic Impacts” (a separate tab on the map), which shows road improvements that are under way as well as how each development under construction is handling traffic and any re-routing or disruptions are scheduled.

Once you’re there, have a look at some of the other interesting resources on the District’s website. You can learn about volunteering in parks, find a dog park, view a map of incidents to which fire crews responded,  learn how to rent your property to a film company, apply for a community grant (whether you are an individual or a non-profit) and a whole lot more. Check it out!

DNV website