There’s a new vibe happening in Lynn Valley Library, and we have to say it’s a good fit for these lazy summer afternoons.

You’ll notice that the lobby now sports a bank of magazine racks to suit a wide range of literary tastes. They are a good complement to the recently improved seating in the area – and, to enhance your reading experience even further, patrons are now allowed to bring (some) food and drink into the library along with them!

Covered, spill-proof beverages are permitted, along with small personal snacks. The librarians note that you are not allowed to have food delivered to the premises (what, no pizza with our People magazine!?)

Even more exciting is the fact that you are able to get many subscription magazines for FREE on your computer or reading device thanks to the library’s new Zinio service. With a very modest investment of time (click here for details), you can set up an account that allows you to subscribe to all manner of publications, from Reader’s Digest to Vegetarian Times.

Zinio is a website through which people can subscribe to hundreds of publications. But when you create an account via your NVD library card number, you get free access to a generous selection of the same publications. It’s well worth exploring!

How are you feeling about these and other services you receive at the library? Powers that be would love to know. You are invited to fill in their online survey during the month of July – it won’t take long, and by putting all our heads together we can help make the local literary experience even better.

And if all this isn’t enough to bring you down to the library for a refresher on what it offers, how about an artist’s reception? The semi-abstract landscapes of Tina Townsend are rich with the colours of summer, and are a mini-vacation all on their own. Come down to meet her on Saturday, July 20, from 2 to 4 p.m. on the second floor of the library. Her paintings will be on display until September 17.