Local artist lives a colourful life

Lynn Valley artist Ishrat Khan has experienced a rich life, including immigrating to Canada from his native India in 1965. Yet another highlight will be the exhibition of his work in the District Foyer of North Vancouver District Hall, beginning with a reception on April 4 and continuing through to May 29.

We wanted to learn more about this artistic Lynn Valley resident, so asked Ishrat a few questions about his craft, and his life since moving to this community in 1996.

How would describe the type of art you create?  
Contemporary; semi-abstract.

What’s your ‘artistic journey’ been to date? Have you always painted, or have you worked in different genres? 
It’s been great to be able to express feelings through painting; I have been painting since my high school years. It’s a wonderful pastime; it’s very fulfilling and keeps me out of trouble.

Do you work alone, or take part in some sort of artists’ community?
As far as painting goes, I have always worked alone, except for shows where I have displayed works with others.

What inspires you to create works of art?
Inspiration comes from people, surroundings in Canada and through my travels in Asia. Vancouver’s West End and Stanley Park have always inspired me to paint.

What do you do with your finished pieces?
Usually sell them.

Can you tell us about one or two of your favourite pieces?
The Kayakers, Mountain Highway, Brick Crushers Bangladesh.

What are some of your other hobbies?
Mostly tennis – I play on the Boulevard and at the Grant Connell Tennis Center in North Van, and at the Stanley Park Tennis Courts.

Can you tell us a bit about your ‘day job’?
Looking after the cat!

How can people see or learn more about your work?
The best way is to visit my website: www.ishratkhan.com