If you answered Joseph, father of Jesus and husband to Mary, you’re right. Here at LynnValleyLife, we discovered that today (March 19) is the traditional feast day of Joseph so thought we should mark the occasion with some interesting information (which may even help you sell your home!)

Though it isn’t officially sanctioned by the Catholic church, many people have adopted the long-standing habit of burying a small statue of St. Joseph in the yard of the home they are trying to sell. The practice has become so widespread that it is now catered to by retailers who stock purpose-made plastic statues for realtors and homeowners. (Fortunately, a more eco-friendly alternative made of clay is now available as well!)

An article on this curious practice was written by Ontario realtor Brian Madigan, who notes:

Prudent realtors also recommend the following advice in addition to burying Joe: “For this practice to be fully effective, the seller must, of course, first do such practical yet all important chores as completing all necessary fix-up, properly staging the home and finally, adjusting the price so as to exactly reflect market value.” 

We would concur – and, of course, recommend the services of good real estate agents who are willing and able to put in a great deal of earthly toil to make your heavenly homeowner dreams come true!