By Dylan Wendt, Coast Pest Control

If you have unwanted pests at home and want to try the natural approach before calling a pest control company; then try these tested home remedies.  If they don’t solve your problems, then give the professionals at Coast Pest & Wildlife ControlLtd. a call at 604-908-2040 for a free estimate.

Tip #1 Fruit Flies
For those pesky Fruit Flies grab a bowl and fill with ¼ cup warm water, ¼ cup vinegar,  and 3 to 4 drops of dish soap (be sure to mix with water to activate).  Then cover tightly with plastic wrap and using a fork puncture several holes.  The vinegar smell attracts the Fruit Flies and as they fly into the bowl they become trapped in the mixture and cannot find their way out.

Tip #2 Insects
Keep all foliage cut back from the home by at least six inches to prevent a wide variety of insects from entering the home.  This will provide a chemical-free barrier for the entire perimeter of the home.

Tip #3 Wasps
To help prevent wasps from building a nest in your backyard or patio area, try placing a fake wasp nest that can be purchased at your local hardware store.  This works as a deterrent because wasps are territorial; seeing a nest will prevent them from building another.

Tip #4 Travellers’ Bed Bug Prevention
When travelling, a constant concern for many people is bringing home bed bugs.  To help prevent this, always keep your luggage and clothing off the floor by using either hangers and/or the luggage stands that are provided my most hotels.