Know someone with the gift of music to share? Lynn Valley United Church would like to hear from them!. *The original posting was updated on June 5, 2015*

Music Leadership Opportunity

Minister of MusicLynn Valley United Church

Lynn Valley United Church (LVUC) is on a holy adventure, taking risks to discover how “church” can support healthy communities, foster close relationships and bring peace to the world, by serving in ways that are new and uncertain. Music is a key component of the way we intend to respond to this call.  We have an open invitation to anyone who wants to join us on this adventure as our new Minister of Music. We believe the ideal candidate will bring:

– the capacity to spot leaders in any musical endeavour and nourish their gifts to help the congregation grow musically in all directions;

– the capacity to reflect theologically and to engage pastorally with people of all religious experience or none;

– the capacity for casting a musical vision in partnership with the Ministry Teams of the congregation in response to Spirit’s leading;

– the education and skills that combine musical excellence with a sacred respect for, and demonstrated experience in the process of creating community and nurturing spirituality among volunteer musicians.

Currently the Music Ministry includes;

–  leadership of the “Bring Your Own Voice” community choir,

– providing congregational song leadership in the traditional role of “cantor” and the arranging and coordinating of special gifts of music in Sunday worship,

– coordination of the North Shore Drumming Circle

– creating opportunities for the people of LVUC to explore whole new ways to serve the community and develop leadership through the music program.

And Lynn Valley United Church sees music as a key growth area in service to the community.

Reporting to the Minister, this 10 hour/week position (at present) is open to anyone of any tradition who wants to join us in our future.  Lynn Valley United Church uses the pay scale posted on the national website of the Royal Canadian College of Organists as the starting place for negotiating remuneration, commensurate with education and experience.

Interested applicants are invited to send their resume by June 15, 2015, to

Shari Gardiner, Chair, Ministry and Personnel Committee
Lynn Valley United Church
c/o 3158 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC
V7K 2H5
[email protected]