LynnValleyLife asked each Lynn Valley-residing DNV council candidate to respond to a set of questions designed to help readers become acquainted with their views. Read about candidate Mathew Bond, below, and see our original story for links to all the candidate profiles.

What  prompted you to run for election?

The dream my parents’ generation had on how the world ought to be is becoming more and more difficult for my generation to fulfill.

We need a new dream for North Vancouver. A dream that both honours and respects the legacy of family, community and the high quality of life that North Vancouver’s citizens have worked hard to establish. A dream that adapts that legacy to today’s reality and provides us all the option to embrace our role in the community. A dream that enhances that legacy and allows us all to provide that same opportunity to our children. I want to work with you, the citizens of North Vancouver, to make that dream a reality.

Mathew BondWhat experience do you bring to the job that you believe would be valuable?

I’ve worked in the family business, the private sector and the public sector. For the past six years I’ve travelled all across British Columbia, analyzing complex, multi-faceted transportation problems and implementing practical solutions.

As a Professional Engineer, it is my duty to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public and our natural world. This duty defines my character, which I have proven through consistent action in my personal life, my professional career and my dedication to community service.

From 2008 to 2013, I was President of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA). During my leadership, the organization blossomed. What started as a group of struggling volunteers with too much to do, too little time and no money became an organization with full time paid staff, over thirty funding partnerships with the business community and local government, and an engaged and active membership. The NSMBA is now regarded around the mountain bike world as a phenomenal success story. My leadership in setting a vision (and sticking to it), building the right team and nurturing the relationships and partnerships necessary to get things done was a key component in bringing the NSMBA to where it is today.

I offer you my well-rounded perspective, whole-systems way of thinking and passionate commitment to guide our community through the changes ahead.

What do you appreciate about the manner in which DNV council currently conducts its affairs?

I find that even though current members of council have their own views on the issues, they work together to make the tough decisions needed in our community.

What would you like to see change?

On November 15th, you have the opportunity to choose your “dream team” of candidates that you think will provide not only a voice for your issues, but the best perspective on the future of our community.

I hope to offer you a fresh perspective on council on three specific issues. I am an Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineer, implementing new technology to improve both the safety and efficiency of our transportation system, and I offer you a professional perspective on council to address our transportation challenges.

I am one of only two candidates under the age of 40. I understand firsthand the challenges that youth, young adults and families face and offer that perspective for the next generation of Lynn Valley citizens. No one person is going to solve our community’s concerns single-handedly. I offer a perspective for community engagement because it will take an effort from each one of you, contributing your own unique voice, passion and strengths to build the best community for us all to live in

Lynn Valley’s town planning process was long and, in some respects, divisive. What was your experience with this process, and what did you learn?

My wife and I are starting our family in Lynn Valley and I was intensely interested in what options we may have in the future for housing that will be appropriate for our needs as our family grows and changes over time.

I participated in the public process and what I found most valuable was having frank discussions with my neighbours and sharing not only our concerns, but our hopes for the future. I learned that we need more engagement, more opportunities for people of all ages, incomes and background to sit down and discuss the issues together with compassion. Each person brings a unique perspective, and only by promoting dialogue and understanding across all generations will we be able to develop the best solutions to make our community a better place.

What do you think is the most difficult challenge councillors have to face in their work?

Balancing the diverse needs of the community and making tough decisions when there is no clear best course of action is one of the more difficult challenges for council.

When emotions run high, citizens are passionately expressing their personal stories on both sides of an issue and none of the options available to the community are ideal,  a decision still needs to be made.

What do  you appreciate most about the Lynn Valley community?

I’ve volunteered in our community for 15 years (since I was 15 years old) and appreciate the strong feeling of pride, ownership and sense of community that the citizens of Lynn Valley share.

I moved here specifically to enjoy all the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities Lynn Valley has to offer. Within minutes I can be on a trail and enjoy the splendor of nature that sits just outside our doorstep. I appreciate always bumping into someone I know on a walk to the mall, but also the convenience of having the amenities of a big city close by.

What would you like voters to know about you?

Transportation, cities and sustainability are my professional passions and I spend a significant amount of my personal time attending courses, lectures and researching what the best cities around the world are doing to tackle the challenges we all face.

I am an outdoor enthusiast and an active and responsible advocate for outdoor recreation. Mountain biking is one of my passions and I strongly believe in giving back. I’m currently leading a group of Capilano University students to maintain and upgrade the Circuit 8 trail just 1km up the road in the LSCR.

I am committed to openness, transparency and accountability. I am proactively disclosing all contributions to my campaign on my website. You can go there right now to see who has contributed to my campaign, how much they have contributed, and how I am spending that money.