Every year is a good year to get involved in municipal politics – after all, it’s often local-level  decisions  that have the most immediate impact on our day-to-day lives.

2014 municipal electionBut this year is an especially good year to take notice, thanks to the number of Lynn Valley candidates who have stepped up to run for councillor in the District of North Vancouver. Having attended a number of public hearings and other council events, we can attest that this is often a challenging and thankless job – so hats off to you all!

In order to get to know our Lynn Valley-residing candidates better, LynnValleyLife contacted Roger Bassam, Mathew Bond, Hazen Colbert, Linda Findlay, Robin Hicks and Glenn MacKenzie, inviting them to answer some questions about their decision to run (or re-run) for council, and their goals should they be elected.

Hazen Colbert and Glenn MacKenzie declined to participate, citing their decision not to accept what they would consider to be a campaign donation from a real estate-affiliated business. The other candidates’ responses are linked below, so please have a read of these Q&As and, above, all, be sure to vote on November 15!


For lots of good election information, including the full candidate list and their contact/website information, polling stations, voting eligibility and more, please visit the District of North Vancouver’s municipal election pages.