Lynn Valley’s Save-On Foods has gone to the dogs. Well, perhaps, it’s quite the opposite. The dogs are going to Save-On and everyone is a bit better off. The two new green dog houses at the outside entrance to the store are new PetParkers that make it easier and safer to bring your furry family members on errands.

Brazilian ingenuity

A new company has launched in Vancouver to support pet families. PetParker partners with stores, municipalities and services to provide pet safety stations free of charge to their customers.

Adi Kabazo

“This service has provided tens of thousands of safe stays in Brazil,” said Adi Kabazo of PetParker Canada. “We want to give pet owners more opportunities to include their dogs in their busy lives.” 

Last March when the company announced their launch in Canada – specifically Vancouver – it asked people to submit their location requests. 

“Lynn Valley was the number one location submitted,” said Kabazo. “I think it’s the active lifestyle that incorporates dogs that made people ask for PetParker”

There are now five locations in the Lower Mainland that have the PetParkers – two in North Vancouver. Presently they can be found at Lynn Valley Centre at the Save-On and at Northwood’s Stongs. 

More than just a box

The PetParker uses state-of-the-art technology that has been refined and improved in its five years in Brazil, said Kabazo.

“The pet safety station – PetParker – is designed for short-term stays of less than an hour,” he said. “There is quite a bit of engineering. It has a door with an electronic lock, a camera for owners to monitor their dog, and the temperature is monitored. There is an emergency remote release if needed. It basically has a full computer monitoring and communicating to take care of your pet companion.”

Users are asked to confirm their dog has its vaccinations and it is only available to pets older than six months that are housebroken.

“We find that accidents don’t happen in the PetParker because the dogs are there for only a short stay – the average is 20 minutes – and dogs typically don’t want to do their business in a small space, they prefer being ‘on the move.’

Designed with a raised floor, typical dirt and debris fall away, said Kabazo. And if a dog has a bad day – users can mark the station in need of cleaning. 

A welcomed amenity

The success of PetParker in the Southern Hemisphere is with businesses (or local governments) that realize pets are a significant part of people’s families.

“One-third of Canadian homes have at least one dog,” said Kabazo. “I bet that Lynn Valley has a higher number. Businesses we partner with appreciate that people like to spend time with their dogs. This is an amenity – that is free – to make the welfare of our companions accessible. It’s available to anyone regardless of income.”

The business case is desirable for PetParker partners because patrons tend to take a bit more time and spend a bit more money if they know their dog is safe.

There is no reason to keep your dog in a potentially hot car knowing there is a safe, free alternative at a shop’s entrance, said Kabazo.

There are currently plans for 30 locations in the Lower Mainland. Kabazo has a goal to partner with municipalities to see this at locations like libraries and community centres as well. 

“It’s early days but this has proven to help pet owners and businesses,” he said. “It’s very promising. We offer pet owners peace of mind and we hope the community embraces it.”

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