There is so much love in Lynn Valley! We love the environment, the neighbours, the small unique businesses, the rain (sometimes)! We have our picks for celebrating love this Valentine’s Day!

Nothing but the best

Mountain Market

Flowers: Picking up flowers for your love for Valentine’s Day or just because – we love Mountain Market. From simple tulips to desktop posies to red rose bouquets. The legendary neighbourhood market may not be top of mind for flowers but they are a hidden gem – flowers are the Number One reason we stop by. 

Foodies: Lynn Valley Village’s Nourish Market is the perfect place to pick up treats for the local foodie. From high quality meats to vegan treats, Nourish is your one stop shop for a lovely evening of nibbles. 

Dinner: there is always a bustling social vibe at Brown’s or the Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub but don’t forget the smaller restaurants for a more secluded, dare we say, romantic meal. Think small like Yama Sushi and Wonderful Szechuan.

Brunch: What is more romantic than a leisurely morning and a wonderful brunch? Whether you are taking the day Friday or carrying over the holiday through the weekend stop by Tommy’s Cafe

Sweets: Valentine’s is not Valentine’s without something sweet. Purdy’s is an obvious choice but don’t forget Kourosh Bakery and DQ. Wouldn’t the kids be thrilled if a Treatzza Pizza or Treat Heart Cake turned up to celebrate dinner. 

That special something: The best place in Lynn Valley to find that special unique something is End of the Line General Store. From handmade jewellery to handmade soap, toys, treats and trinkets abound. There is something you will love to give to that special something. 

Valentine’s: There is no modern Valentine’s Day without a card. We love the handmade designs created by Lynn Valley artist Leslie Kos via her Thriftwood page.

Don’t forget: Lynn Valley Village has their annual Valentine’s contest. Don’t forget to enter!

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