Our LynnValleyLife office has brought together experts to help you take care of your home and life. Whether you plan to downsize, renovate your home, make that will you have been putting off or want to see how you can maximise your home equity, our team and office mates are your One Stop Shop for 2024. Please feel free to pop in to say ‘Hi’ anytime.


For more than a decade LynnValleyLife has been creating community. Our events and community website have been offering free family fun to all of Lynn Valley since 2011 but how we do all that is by being the local realty experts. 

Our team of Jim Lanctot, Kelly Gardiner and Melanie Buchart focuses on client and industry relations. 

They know the neighbourhood, the market and have extensive broker relationships to help buy or sell your home. If you are looking for a custom home Jim has extensive relationships with builders and plenty of experience supporting homeowners through finding the right lot and understanding the process to build your dream home. Kelly’s practicality is a welcomed change during the negotiating process. He fights for the best deal focused on client needs and budget, helping keep emotions in check. Melanie brings her real-life experience as a busy parent and understands you are being pulled in a hundred different directions. She excels at supporting buyers – especially those purchasing for the first time. 

“This is a great time to understand what the market looks like,” said Lanctot. “Home assessments just came out and mortgages have changed a lot in the last few years. We can help you understand what your home is worth and help you understand how its value fits with your family’s 2024 goals.”


The new year is an excellent time to get a bigger picture of your equity. Dave “MortgageDave” Bruynestyeyn is part of our One Stop Shop to help you maximise your 2024. If your mortgage is up for renewal this year, the market is completely different than it was three or five years ago. MortgageDave’s broker expertise is a resource worth leveraging. 


“A mortgage broker is an independent party that helps people arrange residential financing,” he said. “I love it because I don’t work for a bank – I work for the client. It is at no cost to the client. We are paid by the lender, so the only goal is to get the best deal for the client. You get all of my expertise and at no cost – it’s a no-brainer.” 

MortgageDave meets flexibly – in the Lynn Valley office, virtually or at your home. Unlike a bank, his access to a variety of mortgage options tends to help MortgageDave ensure clients have more stability within variable products. 

“It is tough on some of my clients on variable rates, some of my clients on variable rates saw payments almost double,” he said, adding he doesn’t like trigger rate products. Whenever possible, MortgageDave chooses to put clients with lenders that ensure payments rise with interest rates going up, rather than being hit with a significant trigger rate.


Another key arm of LynnValley HQ takes care of you when you need it most. Anyone who has had to make a claim knows the importance of having a local broker. David Fiteni, of Fetini Financial and Central Agencies Insurance Ltd, and his team know Lynn Valley and its unique needs. Is there a creek in your yard? A garage full of mountain bikes worth more than your car? 

“It might be standard practice when looking at home insurance to ask about jewelry or art. Here in Lynn Valley, I always ask ‘Do you have any bikes?’ I have never had someone who didn’t want to have their bike fully covered. Our job is to learn about you, your life and your needs to make sure, should you need it, you have protection,” said Fiteni. “As an insurance broker, it’s my job to find the right product to fit you, not fit you into a product. Our time and quotes are offered at no cost to you.”

The new year is a time to connect with a broker to address any upgrades or security enhancements that may affect your coverage or lead to a discount. Getting a quote from a broker ahead of your renewal is a no-obligation way to ensure your coverage meets your needs. Fenteni is a full-service broker who also offers travel, marine, personal and commercial insurance.


A new year on the calendar is a chance to take a look at your affairs. Connecting with Kay Manabe of Senju Notary at LynnValleyLife’s Mountain Hwy offices to take of yourself and your loved ones’ futures. 

“I believe it is important for everyone, whether they have assets or not, to have a will and the other documents you need,” Manabe said. “It’s a way of taking care of the people left behind. The fees and process to take care of a death without a will can be overwhelming in a tough time.”

In addition to a will, she recommends a power of attorney, a representation agreement, and an advanced directive (the latter two take care of your needs should you become incapacitated). Manabe says the process is easier when it’s done when everyone is healthy and happy. Decisions are easier made without the pressures of a crisis. 

~ Your Local One Stop Shop Team ~

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