We have all, at times, been guilty of taking our democratic system for granted. Many citizens even forego their chance to vote, despite the fact that casting a ballot is a privilege denied to many in this world. But more and more “ordinary Joes” (and Jills) have been taking increased notice of our country’s governmental processes in past months, and the upcoming federal election is likely to bring out many people who have otherwise stayed distant from the fray.


The Lynn Valley Library is hosting a Democracy Cafe that will help all of us – newcomers, old hands, super-engaged citizens or those just beginning to show their interest – strengthen our knowledge of how government and elections work, democratic values and current election issues, and overcoming voter apathy.

The discussion is, of course, non-partisan, but is sure to be lively and engaging nonetheless!

If you have a first-time voter at home, attending Democracy Cafe together
The Cafes, held in partnership with North Shore Community Resources and other organizations, will be held Wednesday evenings in Lynn Valley, beginning September 23:will provide an excellent launching point for some follow-up dinnertime conversation.


Lynn Valley Library

Wednesday Evenings | 7:00pm-9:00pm
September 23, 30 & October 7
Call 604-984-0286, ext. 8144 to register. 

The same series will be held in other North Shore libraries on different dates and times if  your local option is inconveniently scheduled. Click here for times, places and (free) registration details.

We hope to see lots of people of all ages out at a Democracy Cafe – and, later, at the ballot box!