Do you know someone in Lynn Valley who would make a good candidate for this year’s Good Neighbour Award? Please send us your story about the person in our community who has made our world a better place, in ways large or small (whether they live next door to you or not!) Over the upcoming season of peace and goodwill, we will share our favourites on the website and draw from amongst them the recipient of the 2013 Good Neighbour Award and prize package. Details are here; deadline for entry is Wednesday, December 18. We look forward to hearing from you!


Neighbour is best friend to all – including dog

Megan is a very kind and caring person. Apart from looking after her husband and two daughters, she also cares for her grandparents who live in her basement suite, with a lot of patience and understanding.

She is always one of the first people in the street to welcome new residents. Every summer she organizes a block party for all the neighbours. The last couple of years she has successfully applied for a grant from North Shore Neighbourhood House to host the block party.

We asked Megan once to feed our dog, as we were only getting home late. There was a thunderstorm and Megan was concerned that our dog would be frightened. She took the dog to her house where they cuddled her until the thunderstorm had passed. She left a lovely note to let us know that they loved having our dog over and love caring for her.

Megan always has a friendly greeting for all the neighbours. We are so lucky to have her as our neighbour!

– submitted by Lise Pitt