Update September 1, 2014: School will definitely not be in session tomorrow (sigh). Parents wishing to apply for the $40/day subsidy for school-aged children 12 and younger can click here to register. Have your school district (#44 in North Van) and your child’s PEN number, found on their report card, on hand.


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Well, Vince Ready left the bargaining table on Saturday afternoon, with no plans to schedule further talks until the teachers’ union and the government are willing to start moving closer together. So we’ll pass along any day camp or childcare news that comes our way in case there’s no resolution by Tuesday; for even more timely publication we invite companies or babysitters to post directly on our LynnValleyLife Facebook page, where their posts will appear in a column to the left of our main news feed.


Added September 14/14: All-day art classes at Lynn Valley’s Doodlebug Art Studio, with local resident Jeri Engen, look fantastic. Check them out on her Classes page!


Does your young person want to use this time to get off the couch and into shape? Athletes and non-athletes alike are invited to day camps at Twist Conditioning. Twist is located near the Winter Club at 12-1225 East Keith Rd, North Van; call  604-904-6556:

Kids & Youth Sport Camps – Grade 3 and Up

Drop off between 8:30-9am & pick up between 3-4pm

$299/week (or $60/day)

Hockey Specific Camps

Includes 4 hours/week of skill development (shooting & puck handling & hockey specific training)

$299/week (or $60/day)




Game Ready will be offering Strike Day Camps in September for 6-12 year olds. Registrations will begin Monday, August 25th. Registrations can be done by contacting Joe Yankanna @ 604.961.1176 or email: [email protected]. A registration form is attached.

Camp costs will be $30/day.  They will run from 8:30am-4:30pm. Game Ready will offer full refunds in the event school starts on time in September. Spaces are limited.

Programs will range from arts and crafts, games, educational, physical activities and many more. Please make sure your child(ren) comes with a lunch and snacks for the day. A full schedule of events will be out on August 29th.                                                                              

Address: Game Ready Centre Unit #108B-245 Fell Avenue, North Vancouver