As we look to the fall and this new normal, we also see a great pile of stuff we have decluttered and cleared out during a little (or a lot) of freetime during the pandemic. So what do you think, are you up for a Great Neighbourhood Garage Sale? 

How are you feeling?

We see your garden’s have never looked better, your homes are looking pretty spic-and-span on the outside. We bet you have also done a ton of work on the inside. We think it might worth exploring taking another run at our Great Neighbourhood Garage Sale. We had originally planned to get going for a May weekend but that has all changed.

As the curve is flat and that is expected to carry on for a while, is there any interest in participating in the Great Neighbourhood Garage Sale?  It seems most garage sales, by their nature are physically distant, they are outside and there aren’t large crowds.

Would you be interested in participating in the Great Neighbourhood Garage Sale in September 2020? We know you would want safety protocols to be followed and any other recommendations from the provincial health officer. With that in mind would you please take a moment to fill out our two question survey below?

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