We are collecting nominations for Lynn Valley’s Good Neighbour Award until Dec. 19, 2012. We’d love to hear, and share, stories about good-hearted folks who have gone out of their way to help you or their community, in ways large or small.  Nominees don’t have to be your ‘next-door’ neighbour, just a fellow citizen of the Valley.

This contest isn’t about deciding who’s ‘best’ – it’s about celebrating all those kindnesses that we know happen in our neighbourhood every day of the year. The winner of this year’s Good Neighbour prize package will be drawn at random, and announced on Dec. 23. Please send your submissions to [email protected].


“Hi, I would like to nominate Stephanie Brawn for the good neighbor award. We have two small children and one is in school. There were times when our little one was napping during pick up time at school. On more then a few occasions, rather than wake him up and create loads of stress on everyone she would come over to the house while I went to get my daughter from school.  I have a hard time asking for help but Stephanie makes it easy with her willingness.  We love having her as a neighbor.”