There are bright spots popping up all over Lynn Valley – and we aren’t talking flowers. Never have there ever been so many painted rocks brightening gardens.

Sparking joy and taking care of Mother Earth

A rock on Beaver Trail in Lynn Canyon.

The painted rocks are bringing smiles to many people. There are local painted rock Facebook groups like this one and a Vancouver mom has written a book specifically on Covid-19 and painted rocks. The Kindness Rocks movement is sweeping Lynn Valley and the rest of the world as people look for creative outlets in isolation. 

The phenomena has been building for a number of years. In some places and parks the rocks are becoming an environmental risk. This was the very issue raised by one resident of Lynn Valley with so many new rocks dotting forest trails.

Best practices for making smiles

Lynn Valley garden rocks.

We reached out to the District of North Vancouver for some guidance on best practices to keep up with the positivity while also considering our local creeks and forests. Generally any time you are out enjoying the forest it is best to maintain a leave-no-trace mindset. The idea is to pack out everything you take in (garbage, dog poop, etc.). Some parks limit access to garbage cans to encourage people to take their garbage out of the part completely. Leave-no-trace also holds to leaving the environment as you found it – leaving rocks in place (not stacking, which can lead to erosion).

Painting rocks is a fun activity that encourages creativity and brightens everyone’s day,” said Courtenay Rennard, communications coordinator for the District of North Vancouver. “When possible, we encourage people to place painted rocks near their homes or local neighbourhoods.” 

The District offered these further tips to keep up fun and protect our parks and waterways: 

  • Use non-toxic paint
  •  Do not take rocks from in or around streams to avoid disturbing our local fish and other aquatic organisms
  •  Do not place painted rocks near streams, as the paint could wear off and end up in waterways
  • Keep rocks in your garden and neighbourhood

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