There aren’t many communities lucky enough to have as dedicated a mall musician as Linda, who can be heard most mornings on the bench outside Romance Jewellers in Lynn Valley Mall.

LindaLinda, who is blind and navigates with the use of a cane, is well known to regular shoppers and mall employees for her ukulele-accompanied songs such as “You are my Sunshine.” Linda says that people sometimes join in singing; most often they just pass by, but hopefully with a lighter step after hearing her.

There aren’t many people who would have the confidence to take their ukulele playing to the public arena, uninvited. But Linda says she can’t practice for her ukulele lessons at home, so she brings her music to the mall before her lesson. For over three years, she has been working with Francisco at Lynn Valley Music, and she says that shoppers have witnessed her steady improvement.

Linda is just one of a growing number of people who have taken to the uke in recent years, enjoying it for its ease and portability. Now Linda is hoping there is someone out there who can help her expand her repertoire by translating chords from song sheets into Braille.

If someone can help her out, she’d really appreciate it! If you’d like to be in touch with Linda, just send us a line at [email protected].