Ever since the Lynn Valley town planning process first got under way, queries and rumours have been floating around regarding the neighbourhood’s favourite ‘local.’

What, people wonder anxiously, will become of the Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub if redevelopment proposals for Lynn Valley mall and its parking lot are eventually approved?  It isn’t an idle question – the establishment commands a fiercely loyal following, and has been voted the North Shore’s favourite pub in the North Shore News Readers’ Choice Awards ever year since the watering hole opened its doors.

People are climbing the walls wanting to know what will happen to the Black Bear Neighbourhood Pub if town centre redevelopment proposals go ahead.

Today we received another email asking us if it’s true that the Black Bear will be shutting down once its lease with Lynn Valley Centre (owned and operated by Bosa Developments*) is up. We thought we’d get the low-down straight from the horse’s mouth.

“I am often asked by people if the Bear will be closing when/if redevelopment of the centre goes through,” said pub comptroller Sue McMordie.  “The Bear is not going to close, and is firmly in support of these applications. If and when the redevelopment is for the land that the Bear is on, we have a relocation clause in our long-term lease that will move us to a new and just as good or better location within the new development.”

So there you have it! Rest easy, your place at the bar will be kept warm, and Monday Trivia Nights will continue unabated (psst! The answer is ‘Istanbul.’)


 * In the original edition of this story, we incorrectly stated the owner of the land was Safeway Canada. The Black Bear management corrected us and stated “We are tenants of Lynn Valley Centre, which is owned and operated by Bosa Development. We have no connection at all with the Safeway, their land or their development. Bosa has a proven track record of excellent community developments and we look forward to the plans for the future.”