We know how many of our followers love stories on local recreation, neighbourhood history, interesting Lynn Valley personalities from past or present, or the scoop on new municipal initiatives or retail options. So we’re looking for a few Lynn Valleyites who want to help populate our pages with the local low-down!

IMG_0807We’re looking for a special sort of writer who shares our goals – someone who is interested in  strengthening the Lynn Valley community, sniffing out stories with local interest for the neighbourhood, and in general having FUN on the “beat.” We’re looking for someone whose style is friendly and engaging…. but consistently professional. Just because we like informality and sometimes a certain “chattiness”, it doesn’t mean we’re cool with typos, sloppiness (i.e. missing information, wrong addresses, unreliable facts, etc), or a low standard of journalistic ethics.

We are looking for the kind of person who wants to give volunteers, schools, small entrepreneurs, and non-profits a boost by noticing what they are doing and helping the rest of us notice, too. That might mean snapping a photo for our Facebook page when you see an event in action, or enjoying a local artist’s work and hunting them down for an interview for the “notable neighbours” section of our blog.

Our readers love learning about Lynn Valley. So that might mean being curious about a heritage house or landmark, and doing some digging in the local archives to find out more. It might mean attending a local information session to report on a planned residential development, and writing about people’s different viewpoints in a way that doesn’t fan the flames of controversy unnecessarily, because – remember? – we’re here to build the community, not divide it. And we all know that Lynn Valleyites love their forests, so it might mean taking an afternoon ramble on Lynn Loop and sharing some of your photos and nature notes once you’re home!

Please have a look at some of our articles to see if this is the kind of writing you’d enjoy doing:

Here’s one about a local boy from long ago.

Here’s one about a great lady most of us have seen around the neighbourhood.

Here’s one that involved going to a NV District council meeting to follow a significant issue that many people were following closely.

Inspired? If you think you have what it takes, we’d love to hear from you. We’re putting some more formal submission guidelines together right now, but in the meantime you’re welcome to send us some info on yourself (why you want to write for us, and a bit of biographical information) and some samples of writing you think we’d like. Send it along to [email protected], and we’ll be in touch!