When we reflect on the year that’s gone by, we are so glad we make our life where we do. What a year from Pigeon-gate to water main bursts, from local authors and businesses to annual celebrations. Here are some favourites from 2019.

Biggest heart

Hope Pearmain

We loved sharing the Project Samuel stor, so much we have a follow up. This is an incredible story of a North Vancouver woman who has made her life in Africa and the Lynn Valley family that shares a calling to support the project from here. 

Biggest buzz

Ryan Reilly

Local entrepreneur Ryan Reilly had a simple idea – rent emergency locator beacons to encourage rookie adventurers to take advantage of a good deal. While there shouldn’t be a pricetag on safety, the reality is good gear is a big investment many can’t be bothered to make. This story blew for for Reilly – with a shoutout from North Shore Rescue and numerous interviews, hopefully he’s busy this winter season.  

Biggest splash

We were so excited to host the Great Neighbourhood Garage Sale last May. But boy oh boy did it rain. It was a bit of a washout but participants who did brave the elements were happy they did. We will be back this spring so keep your eyes open to sign up and participate. 


Biggest book

A new book launched this spring to help improve the health of teachers. Lynn Valley’s Wade and Andrée Repta debuted The Well Teacher. It was written to give teachers practical tools to keep them in the classroom longer and to get them back sooner after injury or illness.

Looking for more?

There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

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