Over the years we have met some interesting characters that make Lynn Valley a pretty neat place to be. We have trails, rivers and sights that attract people from all over the world. The people who came before us were adventurers cut off from much of Vancouver and created a dynamic community on the side of Mt. Fromme. Today we have tireless volunteers that take care of refugees, step up in a crisis and others who day-in, day-out make our neighbourhood better. We have people who dedicate hours and hours of training to keep others safe in our mountains. We have people who strive to just make someone else smile.

We have picked four posts from years gone by worth reading to learn a little more about Lynn Valley’s history and some of the people that make this such a great place to live.

Wandering minstrel

Almost day in and day if you are out and about early at Lynn Valley Centre – at about 9 a.m. you will find a mostly empty mall fill with gentle melodies. The soft voice and lyrical ukulele is played by Lynn Valley local Linda. You know you know her face and music – learn a bit more about her story.

Frozen in time

Some may only know Lynn Valley pioneer Walter Draycott as the statue you in Pioneer Square at Mountain Highway and Lynn Valley Road. He has be immortalised with good reason – as an early settler Draycott was also an avid writer, artist, and mapmaker. His accounts are a treasure trove of information – so valued some have been turned into an important online resource of WWI information.

Helping others

There have been lots of notable moments in Lynn Valley’s Bob McCormack’s life. From a varied career to volunteer extraordinaire. He has put his stamp on Lynn Valley from his notable role in the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay to his involvement with numerous local organizations. This life-long resident is worth reading about.  

Lynn Valley’s most famous park

Established well over a hundred years ago – Lynn Canyon Park looks very different now than it did when visitors first crossed the bridge in 1912. At the time there were plenty of stumps from local logging operations but also a playground and bandstand. We don’t have to take a tram to get to this local gem and it’s worth learning about where it started.

Looking for more?

There’s always something fun and exciting happening in Lynn Valley. Check out our Community Events Calendar or learn more about Local Activities, Mountain Biking or Hiking and Walking Trails.

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