Donate (and buy!) jewellery for a good cause

So, when’s the last time you wore that Aztek-style necklace hanging in your jewellery box?  Or the green earrings that turned out to clash with everything in your wardrobe? Or the kindly meant birthday bracelet that just isn’t “you”? Hayley Kelly is hoping you’ll realize it might be time to let some of those pieces go.

LV Jewelry Drive

Hayley Kelly and Robin Delany display some of the jewellery donated for an upcoming autism fundraiser.

Hayley has put together the first-ever North Vancouver  Jewelry Drive in support of Autism BC. All you have to do is box and drop your offerings at the Lynn Valley Delany’s (or the Delany’s on Denman, if you’ve got friends overtown who would like to participate).

The collected jewellery will be displayed and sold on Saturday, August 27 in Lynn Valley Village from noon to 4 p.m., with all proceeds going to the Autism Society of B.C. Livening up the day even further will be live music, a BBQ, raffle prizes, and auctioned jewellery pieces donated from local designers.

Keep up to date with the project on Facebook or Instagram:

Start September in style with a few new additions to brighten up your wardrobe! Hayley writes: “With your community support, we can make the North Vancouver Jewelry Drive an amazing event!”

Lynn Valley Day – what’s new for 2016!

It wasn’t easy, but LynnValleyLife finally caught up with Lynn Valley Day organizer Eric Miura on Friday – a rare chance to spend some time with this uber-busy volunteer who juggles his day job with executive roles in the Lynn Valley Lions and Lynn Valley Community Association.

At this time of year, that means Eric and the rest of the Lynn Valley Day team are living and breathing plans for the huge community event, which in 2016 has grown from two days into three.


LV United seeks summer research student

Looking for a summer job in accounting and marketing research? A close-to-home opportunity is available that might be just right for you.

The Lynn Valley United Church office is operating out of temporary lodgings while they await completion of their new church building a block north of the Mountain Hwy and Lynn Valley Rd intersection. For now, staff  are bunking in with the North Shore Disability Resource Centre across the street, and Sunday morning services are held in the Lynn Valley recreation centre at the corner of Frederick and Mountain Highway.

Friday Night LiveThrough a 2016 Summer Job Grant, the team is looking for a student (age 15 to 30) who can provide research and support to the church’s community programs, which include the weekly Friday Night Live musical improv and arts presentation, a community choir and drum circle, and participation in local events such as Lynn Valley Day.

If you, or someone you know, might enjoy being part of this high-energy neighbourhood network, have a look at the job posting here. Deadline for application is May 2, so don’t delay! For further information, please contact Shari Gardiner at

Lynn Valley Day weekend moves to June

Mark your calendars! After decades in its last-weekend-of-May slot, Lynn Valley Days is moving to the weekend of June 17 to 19, 2016. And along with the move comes a great new event – a Father’s Day breakfast on the Sunday morning!

Guests at the Friday night Gala will enjoy catering by Louis Gervais and dancing to the tunes of Angela Kelman. Tickets are $150, which includes two drinks.


LV Services Society seeking board members

Update March 20, 2016: please scroll to bottom if you have an aptitude for numbers – a treasurer is needed!

Lynn Valley is fortunate in many ways – and having a dedicated non-profit group adding to the programming and life of our community is one of them.

Mollie Nye House, North Vancouver

Mollie Nye House

The Lynn Valley Services Society (LVSS) is responsible for managing Mollie Nye House, the heritage home on Lynn Valley Road that was built by Jack and Olive Nye in 1913 and donated to North Vancouver District upon the death of his daughter Mollie.

As you can see from this video, Mollie Nye House has become a welcoming, active hub for a wide range of programs and activities. Over 60 groups use the house on an annual basis, and events and workshops  are regularly offered for all ages. And its surrounding garden provides a lovely respite for many passers-by to enjoy in the midst of a busy day.

The LVSS is looking for enthusiastic local residents who would like to ensure the house continues to thrive well into the future, and continues to evolve to meet the needs of the community. Here’s their appeal for new board members – please be in touch as soon as possible!

Volunteer Board Members Wanted

The LYNN VALLEY SERVICES SOCIETY (LVSS) is a not-for-profit charitable organization providing social and recreational programming to the community in, and around, the Lynn Valley area. LVSS provides facility management in Lynn Valley, with Mollie Nye House serving as our primary facility. Mollie Nye House is a heritage community building, which is managed by LVSS under a Partnership Agreement with the District of North Vancouver. See the Mollie Nye Website for more information:

We are currently looking for new board members with the following preferable characteristics:

• Enthusiastic and collaborative nature with experience in the non-profit sector.

• Experience in Financial Management, Bookkeeping, or Community Connections.

• Reside in or around the Lynn Valley area.

We encourage participation from minority groups who are seeking, or interested in, expanding services in Lynn Valley.

Time Commitment: LVSS is in the process of transitioning from a working board to a governance board, so time commitment varies depending upon your area of interest. All potential board members should be prepared to be available for monthly board meeting of 2-3 hours per month, plus a willingness to be an active member of at least one sub-committee (approx. 3 hours per month) and participation in event planning and implementation.

Position Term: Two years with a preferred commitment of 2 consecutive terms.

Application Deadline: For more information, or to apply, please send an email briefly summarising your interest to Please include your phone number and a Board Member will call you directly.

Update: Treasurer sought!

CALL FOR APPLICATION: Board of Directors (Volunteer Treasurer Position)

The LYNN VALLEY SERVICES SOCIETY (LVSS) is a charitable organization providing social and recreational programming to the community in, and around, the Lynn Valley area. LVSS provides facility management in Lynn Valley, with Mollie Nye House serving as our primary facility. Mollie Nye House is a heritage community building, which is managed by LVSS under a Partnership Agreement with the District of North Vancouver.  See the Mollie Nye Website for more information:

We are currently looking for a Treasurer with the following skills and characteristics:   

  • Enthusiastic and collaborative nature
  • Experience in Financial Management or Bookkeeping
  • Reside in or around the Lynn Valley area
  • Experience in the not-for-profit sector preferred

Time Commitment:

The role of Treasurer for LVSS is a volunteer working position with the responsibility for budgets and financial management including bookkeeping, maintenance and audit of financial records and ensuring all investments, expenditures and revenues are filed without discrepancies. The time commitment will vary depending upon the individual’s experience with not-for-profit financial management and monthly LVSS bookkeeping requirements. All members are asked to attend the monthly Board meeting which runs approximately 2 hours.

Position Term:  Two years with an optional commitment of an additional term.

Application: For more information, or to apply, please send an email briefly summarising your interest to Ideally we would like to invite those who are interested to a tour of our facility in late March, 2016. Please include your phone number and a Board Member will call you directly.

No need to let loneliness take root in Lynn Valley

It’s no secret that social isolation is a huge problem in Metro Vancouver, especially since the Vancouver Foundation published its June 2012 “Connections and Engagement” report quantifying the extent of the issue. And although Vancouver has a reputation for being a place in which it can be difficult to make new friends, the problem isn’t just local. British coppers made headlines last year for having a cup of tea with a senior who had been driven by loneliness to make a call to the 999 emergency line.


Lynn Valley churches welcome refugee family

After weeks of waiting and planning, a group of North Vancouver residents celebrated the arrival of their sponsored refugee family at Vancouver International Airport on Friday, January 15.

The Syrian family of five was met by representatives of their large sponsorship group. REST (the Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team) is composed of people from North Vancouver Anglican and Lutheran Churches (including St. Clement’s Anglican and Mt. Olivet Lutheran in Lynn Valley) and from the Sutherland Secondary School community.

IMG_6532As you can see from the faces in the photo, the first meeting was a joyous one despite the hardships the family has endured in recent months. “They are lovely people who are extremely grateful to be here,” said Shannon Muir, one of REST’s coordinators. “They even asked to talk to the media today so they could say how grateful they are to Canada.”

Arrangements have been made for the family to live in the Blueridge area, at a rent generously reduced by the homeowner. Under the terms of the blended sponsorship agreement, REST will pay the family’s living expenses for one year, with the federal government contributing six months’ of social assistance-level funding.

REST is also awaiting the arrival of a vision-impaired young adult from Somalia, who will live with one of the team members in the Grand Boulevard area, and a 20-year-old Iraqui man who will be rejoining his family here. Anyone wishing to donate to the REST refugee efforts is invited to make a donation to the refugee fund of any of the sponsoring churches: St. Clement’s, St. Agnes, St. Catherine’s, St. Martin’s, or St. John’s Anglican Churches, or Mt. Olivet and Gloria Dei Lutheran Churches.

Gifts for shelter residents welcome indeed

Whatever “the Christmas spirit” is, it is decidedly not embodied by the horrible task of spending time and money searching out gifts you’re pretty sure the recipient doesn’t need and may not even want.

It’s a wonderful feeling to find something you know is just right for a friend or loved one. But when you’re stuck trying to find something for the “person who has everything,” why not consider gifting someone else in their name instead?

You’ve heard of buying goats, chickens, or school books for families in developing countries. But one close-to-home opportunity that warms the heart of giver and givee alike is offered by the seasonal Homeless Partners website.

The organization has collected stories and gift requests from residents of shelters in North Vancouver and other areas around metro Vancouver. Here’s a typical story, from Morris:

Morris is in his sixties. He was born in Courtenay, B.C., but has been in the Vancouver area since 1972 for work. Morris worked in sheet metal. His biggest challenge right now is maintaining personal security. It is his family that helps him feel most encouraged.

Morris’s request is for running shoes or jeans. A donor can pledge one or both of these gifts, and drop them off at the housing shelter with a card for Morris (drop-off instructions are provided). There are dozens of other stories on the site, with more added as the month progresses.

So, rather than struggling to find gifts for the “have it all” people in your lives, bring some peace and cheer to your shopping by pledging a gift that you know will be well-used, and much appreciated.

Here’s what one shelter resident said about the experience of receiving a gift through this initiative:

The most encouraging thing is knowing that people care. I find it really encouraging that total strangers could care so much about someone they don’t even know.

If that sounds like the kind of Christmas spirit you’d like to share, visit the Homeless Partners website soon!


Lynn Valley remembers

Remembrance Day events are growing in size all over Canada, as memories of past losses combine with sombre reflection about current conflict realities, risks and sacrifices.

The Lynn Valley service of remembrance has outgrown its earlier incarnation as a quiet ceremony at the cenotaph at Mountain Highway and Lynn Valley Road, and will this year be held in the Lynn Valley Village plaza on November 11 at 10:30 a.m. (In North Vancouver, services will also be held at Victoria Park and Cates Park, also beginning at 10:30.)

LV LegionThe Lynn Valley branch of the Royal Canadian Legion has put out a call for volunteer “poppy taggers” – those people who give out poppies by donation throughout the neighbourhood. Legion members could really use your help covering the many shifts that need covering in the days leading up to Remembrance Day, so if you can lend a hand, please call the Legion at 604-987-2050 as soon as possible. (Click here to learn where the $2,500,000 collected in BC/Yukon went last year!)

The Legion also welcomes the public to an open house following the ceremony, and donations of goodies would really help, too. Please drop baked goods or finger food at the Legion (1630 Lynn Valley Rd.) on the morning of the 11th.

poppies on rock



Legion invites new members – it’s good for you, and the community, too!

And here’s some more Lynn Valley Legion news from one member, Matina, who asked us to pass along the following – it’s membership renewal time, and she especially wants you to know that you don’t have to be a veteran, or related to a veteran, to join! 

  • 2016 Lynn Valley Legion #114 Membership Renewals are available for $55.
  • EARLY BIRD savings $5, deadline November 30
  • Annual Membership increases to $60, December 1

Only $5 a month includes:

  • Great prices on drinks, bring up to four non-member friends
  • Weekly live entertainment
  • Monthly jams
  • Booking venue for adult; birthdays, soccer parties, fundraisers…

The best reasons to be a member?

  •  The Royal Canadian Legion Branch #114 (at 1630 Lynn Valley Road) raises nearly $100,000 annually that goes back to schools, sports teams, groups, seniors and many non-profit organizations that need and ask for help.
  • Be part of an organization that gives back to your community.
  • Memberships available at 1630 Lynn Valley Road, 604-987-2050.

For some more interesting information about the BC/Yukon Legion, click here!


Mollie Nye House seeking volunteers

Many Lynn Valley citizens spent much of the fall agonizing over which way to vote in the federal election, but we can assure you there’s a much less puzzling way to improve your country – volunteer!

Mollie Nye House, North Vancouver

Mollie Nye House

We all want to live in a strong, friendly neighbourhood that offers support for all ages and stages, and it doesn’t take much to help make that happen. The folks at Mollie Nye House could sure use your help, for example, and have a few volunteer opportunities right now.

Mollie Nye House is the home of the Lynn Valley Services Society, the Lynn Valley Community Association and the Lynn Valley Seniors Society, and offers programming for everyone in the community. Just check out their website to find info about upcoming activities such as Spanish lessons, Tai Chi and ESL classes, with Christmas wreath and centrepiece workshops on the way, too.

Celeste Whittaker is the office manager at Mollie Nye, and says she is currently in great need of reception staff. We know from our visits to the House that this involves a warm, cozy post, cookies, friendly visitors and all sorts of other perks to accompany the phone-answering and people-greeting.  The shifts are mornings from 10  to 1pm or afternoons from 1 to 4pm; a little computer knowledge is helpful but not necessary.

Celeste is also looking for a volunteer to set up six bridge tables on Tuesdays at 12:30, with take down at 3:30. The bridge club’s current volunteer is on holiday until January, so if you could fill in until then it would be greatly appreciated!

For these and other opportunities at Mollie Nye, please contact Celeste at or 604-987-5820 ext. x 13. The online volunteer application is here.